Sea of Doors

Sea of Doors

We were in Maine
On a rowboat, charging to an island
Through all the rain
The waves were high enough to see

Even though I agreed to this
I don’t know you or you
What is this heavenly place?
It’s not like I remember it anyway

Who are you?
I fought to forget and now I know
I remember you
But how could I ever?

I don’t know you
These swells are not the same
The boat isn’t set in similar wood
All so familiar yet nothing I know

Why do you turn your back on me?
Are you ashamed of what you did?
Over yellow rain coats, water falls
Below the boat, the sea does call

I have a key
In front of me
A door behind
It: infinitely more

Standing on spits of land
Their handles call for my hand
To turn the knob and step into
A world I once thought I knew

The rowing continues
My escorts say nothing
They both know me and I know them
But I don’t know me, or where I am