Glowing in the Rays

glowing in the rays.jpg

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glowing in the rays.jpg

Shot with a Canon SL1; f/8; 1/800; ISO-1000; 55mm. 5/1/2018 1:05 PM.

The leaves above this flower broke perfectly to shine on it. So I took a picture.

Photic Ray

Grinding away


By unending
Magma bursts

Atop sunspots
Simmer heat
Boils over this forge
As sunshots

Wear the plates
Of metamorphic rock
Punch through
As a volcano
Through clouds

Thermite of dawn
And mortar strikes
Weaponize light
As melting heat

Roaring energy
As fast as the
Speed of light

Charging with fury
Because they can’t

The sunrise


Invasion upon invasion
Of her forces
Smash against the
City walls

One by one
Our archers fall
To flaming arrows
That kill ’em all

Black hearted hero
Brave hearted evil
We are all
We are all we are

I can be a bad guy
They can be the good ones

Ramming our gates
We’re under siege
Climbing the stone
Their destiny

And ours is one
That puts an end to them

Storming the fields, now
We’re flesh and metal
Swords and shields with
Steel boots on the ground

Steel boots
Ground and pound

We are amoral
Fighting all day our destiny
Our curse to never tire
Being bloodlet all the while

Nothing is normal no
Berserkergang or fireball
Kill or be killed
Amoral is my will

Destiny in the flesh
And steel we swing
May be beaten
But never defeated

Frenzy of blades clash
Sparking cold
While battering
Rams smash

And skulls crack to impact
Of hand to hand combat

They have breached our town
Streets are overrun
Metal boots still
Holding our ground

We will be
All they see
We are all
We are



A wander
A desert
A lightless sky
A blackened kind
Of night a crime
For void to shine

Glittery grey grains
In wind to wind
Up dunes so fine
Sandstorms to blot
The suns and blind

Million million summers
Verdant vermillion
Visions familiar
A spiriter smother
Intyranny covered
Mysterious phaser

A dithering withering
Force of nature
Campy grindhouse
Abstract creature
Shimmering beat
Of wilderness
On outskirts fierce

Million million


We Think We’re So Valiant

Lights floating in the dark
Like Chinese lanterns

A varitable peace among skies
Where the things shine

Glints of a blade in violence
Brightening the dark world
As it cleaves through
With easy strength

Glowing heavens hellfire


A hack
A slash
A hock
A stab

Aghast the darkness
Tools used are

“They Close at Dusk”


“They Close at Dusk”

There’s a man on the
Park stage
Asking for handouts
Of spare change
And cigarettes

In a “closed to the public”
An auction is taking place:
The parking lot is full

The man on the stage
Is drunk

Yells at whoever passes by
About what “used to be”
While a group of teens
In angst
Sit beneath a
Bathroom building’s awning
Smoking cherry vape and
Drinking beer from tall cans

A girl can be seen
In the library,
Shelving books

The air is a cold secret

The police have
An armored vehicle
Inside the station’s garage
Like the authorities knew
Of the paranoia
With the threat of mugging
Present every time
Someone walks by

People slowly trickle out
Of the auction
And the park

The park is soon closing

But it opens up real soon
After the library’s
Last call

For the after hours party



Autumn to me
Is when snow and leaves
Both crunch
Beneath my feet
In August bloom

When sixty one degrees
Is blistering
And makes me need
To shed my three jackets

It’s a kind of scent
Of place
That candle shops
And scent chemists
Can’t dream to
Really replicate

You’d have to be there
To get it

And when you’re not there
You’ll miss it

Its influence seeps into
The hardwood floor
You wake up on at 1am
Before you decide
To take a shot of vodka
And wander the streets

And you’ll lock eyes
With others in the
Vulerable guise

It’s the taste of a
Freshly toasted
Frozen waffle
With no syrup on it

It looks like
Zodiac light
Set in a firey haze
Like an eye of coal
With an
Abyssal gaze

It’s a pumpkin spice latte
In a pale girl’s hand

Sweater weather so cold
That glass blood vessels
In your fingers
Start to seize

It’s the rows of harvest
A mark of its growth
Obscuring the soil
It’s all planted on

Venturing in between the
Stalks, stalking
A way out; an exit