Ladder Cage

Ladder Cage

Dust in the wind
Far below the surface

At the ground level of a chasm
With many stories

We drop all the broken things here
That we’ve made

To give us the light to see
Another place outside that’s full of

All the grander things
That we’ve made

Rope Rung Rumblings

Rope Rung Rumblings

I can’t wait to see you
Need to be so near you
I want to be so close
Fearing distance most

Can’t be so far away
I have too much to say
Care so much for you
More than you once knew

We can see the spotlights out there
From on top of the world right here
Searchlight beams never letting go
From a rope ladder aglow below

Took it slow
One rung at a time
Then once we got to the top
We looked at horizons of fallow

So here we stand
At the top of the world
Skyline cityscapes out there
Will never know not to be square

Glare from distance windows
Reflecting strange surreality
Refracting street grid maps
To the clouds under our feet

Clashing with the lightning
Sprouting to concrete summits
Where the rope ladder ends
And where intentions meet