Deneb Mythos #3: The Exodus

When the old king Breeg went missing, his right-hand man took control. Breeg’s son and true heir to the throne, Elzri, was much too young to rule a thriving kingdom in the desert. Why, commanding such a place would surely be impossible for anyone to do after Breeg disappeared. And it was. This is what happens when a government abandons its people. Yet one question remains. Where would an entire government go after abandoning that which it governed?

Click below to read the third saga in the Deneb Mythos.

Deneb Mythos #3: The Exodus


Increasingly Verbose – Journal 4/10/17

Man, that last entry was really weird, wasn’t it? Lot of cursing and unnecessary stuff, but I was EXCITED!

Not an awful lot has been happening here besides not being able to post much. Professional and personal life can get in the way of posting since I’m not a massive corporation! Like I’m human or something. But it does ache when I can’t hit my normally scheduled times or don’t even post a day. Some people might understand taking a day off every now and then, but that’s malarkey to me. I wanna be here and doing this.

Seeing as I was gone for a bit, I shall regail you with what I was up to!

I visited this abandoned logging place in a small town called Little Rock, Washington. Not a lot to see there, for the short time I was there, because the main attraction for me that day was being able to go back to Olympia.

To me, it’s like watching old movies and getting to see the memories of sets and all that stuff. Real blackwater shit. I walked through Capitol once again as I have many times, and that was really neat to be back with a powerful camera.

My story Natural is about why I have such good memories in that city, and being back to be able to capture some of the place again is always fun to me. I like the timelapse I have of times I took pictures of Capitol Lake. Lake Olympia. Not even sure what it’s called. I just know I like it quite a lot. I hope I used its correct name in the story…

Not posting, but I’ve never stopped writing. Working through my moleskine and I’ve actually picked up a story idea that I didn’t know was right in front of me. Creativity works like that a lot of the time, when you do and do and do and do and when you think about what you’ve done there’s often and even more interesting idea than all that stuff you just did. You know how I write poetry because I don’t have much attention for longer works? I think I accidentally thought of a longer work.

It’s based off my Deneb Mythos that I’m trying to trickle out when I finish a story here and a story there. But that hasn’t even gone anywhere in terms of interesting plot developments across the board, so this idea I have will have to wait to be published when the Deneb Mythos’ overall story is established and I only have flavor text to work on. So there’s something else to look forward to. It connects to my Somewhere Else, so I’ll leave ya with that for now.

In the meantime, poetry, poetry, poetry! Can’t get enough of all this damn poetry! And my trip to Olympia will of course yield some more photography I’ll be able to put up here, too! I think it’s really important to tend to this little walled garden of mine.

In that respect, I want to start posting more of those short stories! Like those of Deneb! There’s already two up and you SHOULD TOTALLY GO READ THEM IN THE STORIES SECTION.

So I’m being workshopped in Advanced Writing tomorrow, and I put up that packet of poems of mine. Okay, so publishing packets like that of related poems is something that’s really interesting to me. Like, on amazon for a dollar a packet, but it’d be packets of poems with similar themes. I know I could do an “Olympia Nights” themed packet. It’d include art and all kinds of extras. Like an anthology, I guess, or an album!

Poetry albums! I could easily do a world war one one, too. I don’t know how lucrative the idea is, but damn it does sound cool.

I might work on that when I get the time, but for now there’s some life getting in the way. Which is okay, because it just means I’ll have made more art and will have so much to share when I get back!

Thank you again to those of you who are here, subscribed, actively reading my stuff and taking an interest. Everybody here is welcome to read, and I appreciate all of you who do so. Keep on reading, and thank you again again for tuning in to Radio Reality City! Back to regularly scheduled programming…


By the way, this is the first time I’ve put my face on this place! Here it is! Hope it’s what all of you imagined.

Anyways, continuing with regularly scheduled programming…

Gym, Coffee, Tuition – Journal 3/31/17

One thing that is incredibly difficult to do when writing is to steer completely clear of cliches. There are some perfectly good things that can be written about that are honest to god cliches already by the time you think about writing them. At least maybe not cliches, but simply things that aren’t given good representation when they ARE written about.

Have you ever tried to write erotica? God damn, that shit is D I F F I C U L T. No wonder there’s a market for the 50 Shades series (however open about sexuality that might be sometimes, I hear that the second book does it better).

It’s not even a touchy genre like that that’s somewhat misrepresented or hard to do, it can be entire ideas in a piece.

Blood? To me, it’s too much associated with angst to just drop in the middle of something. That and bones can sometimes be a little weird outside of juxtaposition. Though, I argue that mentioning bones as a form of imagery or symbolism can be a lot better and in fact much heavier than using blood. Which is why those two are interchangable, and both aren’t done well to different degrees.

Yesterday I published “Posed To Kill Me Thermally” which was supposed to be about climbers that died on the way up the largest mountains on Earth. Everest was in mind, as were the other eight-thousanders. In that poem, the opening three lines are: “Dry blood and bone dust/ Make up the sand and snow/ On the slope”. Bone dust is used throughout the poem as a hyperbolic reference to what all the snow really is. In this poem, though, the theme was centered around that and I wasn’t going to get away from it with a kenning. The spirit and vitality of those once living climbers having been stripped away and become part of the mountain. I had to use something that could be cliched and make it unique.

I stress that if you come across them, don’t avoid cliches entirely, take them and make them something new and unique to you.

While I’m talking about Poised To Kill Me Thermally, I think it would be remiss of me not to mention my creative universe that it all revolves around. Metametaphors are what I’m good at. So that poem is part of a series with “Poikillmethermal” and “Poikilothermal” all describing more or less the same scene but with a progressively darker tone, culminating in the bone shards of climbers making the snow. Poikilothermal was written while listening to the Xilent song “Kill Me”, because when it came out I was housesitting in North Bend and had a glorious view of Mount Si. So with that song I made an association with the cold, snow, mountains, and forest. Also in Poised To Kill Me Thermally is a reference to my “Murmur” series (Murmur, Palpitation, Irregular, Flutter), in which stained glass is a metaphor for cherished memories. Those poems themselves have further references, and so on. In my mind, they’re all part of the same creative universe. Abstract, macabre, reality, whatever.

Anyways, outside of the writing sphere, I’m going to the gym today. My girlfriend and I have agreed to try to make this a regular thing. I want it to stick! Maybe it’ll give me something to write about, seeing as I have never ever been to a gym to ‘go to the gym’. Usually this is the start of a 4chan greentext, but hey, I’m going in with an open mind. Hopefully nothing awful happens. Gonna charge my bluetooth headphones, and do some cardio!

Also today is tuition day! As soon as I get a paycheck, it gets pried from my hands! So I’m still a starving artist for the meantime and you should check out my story Natural on today buy it now yes please!

Kidding aside, that’s where I’m at today. Gym, coffee, tuition, and bone dust acting as the snow at the top of Everest.

Spring quarter’s starting up soon, and what I’m hoping will be the greatest class of all time “ADVANCED WRITING” popped up on my course list today online. Hooooo boy, that’s going to be fantastic. I haven’t properly workshopped since that poetry class I took last spring. Advanced Writing, though. Man, I love the sound of that. I’m gonna enjoy having that notch on my gun.