White walking down
The slate mountain


All the hallmarks
Of a sun-drenched
Alpine cascade
Of snow meadows
And blue trees

Every leaf a message
Every snowflake a
Way to think about
How to stay

At the peak

For weeks and freeze
With the solemn
Stoic gaze of the
Gorgon mountain

Waiting for when
Lightning strikes

And suddenly the
Place is shocked


Time and place
Stopped and captured

With ice crystals
The stone
Refracting the light
Into fractals of
Beauteous designs

Shining through
With all the colors
Of every spectrum
Is the sun

Glowing mightily over
A new statue
On the slate peaks

Of a grey chain
Of intrinsic

Willing to freeze
Wanting to stay

And see all the places



In Saturn’s rings of rocks
Jutting out of planes
Of fury and fission

Were the flames of juries
And their fatal decisions

Sat atop spires, and ever admired
Were executioners
Who ever burned in fire

Which they walked through
To carry out what was due



Feeling between creases
Underneath denim shorts
Thin underwear bunches

Polka dot panties
Harmonizing to her
Most intimate ante

Like a thong
A thin seamless
Binds my attention

Bundled in between
Two bubbly cheeks
Where I reach

Over and under
Thin conforming fabric
Swept softly down

Sublime textured base
Grasping her warmth
Cloth gently pulled

Into my palm
As I reach
For her intimates

Past her voluptuous
Back to a
More private rest

Where a silk
Daisy threatens bloom
Undercloth pushed aside

Between her shirt
And her skin
My hands wander

Seeking two straps
Of her brassiere
To unclasp them

Gingerly in withdraw
To give attention
To her shirt

Pulling it up
Over her arms
In purpose revealing

Her illustrious chest
Bearing soft breasts
Unveiled by clothing

Red jasper gems
Taut by tongue
As I kiss

So kissing them
As feeling her
Is so meaningful

Underneath what remains
Of the scraps
Of waist straps

Hearing subtle clues
Whispers in ear
Unplanned quiet sighs

Rapid breath exhaled
As it can
Be between kisses

Over and under
Sweat on forehead
Tension composure released

In dim light
Of her otherwise
Quiet blue bedroom