Ignorant daemons
Failing to
Reap the threats
They’ve sown,
Because to me
All they’ve shown

Is that they’re cowardly.

I see a black door
And it
Doesn’t stand a chance.
No abtraction binding me
To such fearful nightmares.

I’ll punish plagues of plagiarists
Wherever they might be known.
No time for half measures
I’ll end them on my own.

Spraying plasmas
Across dimensions and
Finding endless wells
Of deaths to knell
In every specter’s personal

Some revenants afraid
Of finding finality
After walking this world
For so long,
They’ve forgotten
Of feeble fragility.

Be of flesh and blood
Or ethereal mesh and muds,
I alone will sunder their
Silhouettes from spirits.

I sense the dooms
Of the dead.
Shapeless or not,
Wraiths will be killed and then they will


Bladed pens pulsing
With the heart beats
Of a dying being
Taught between its ribs

Breathing with the collapsed
Coal mines of cold lungs

Quiet as the blood beats
Drip onto the sidewalk
Of a well-lit street in

Stabbed in a bedroom
And conscious on concrete

Being bleeding out on carpet
Before screaming itself
Through a pulsating portal
To swirling chords and pages

Illicit paintings
On brick mansions

Floating with the abandoned
Messages of faded factions
Long since past
In this cairn of notary

In the distance
A granite chain sighs

Transported here by will
By the art of hearts
Beating knives that bleed them
Back into painted bricks

Lost husks of humanity
Wander, so the being
Isn’t lonely among
Those who lost

People from long ago
Now just ghosts

Being a thrall to the cairn
Almost doesn’t care
Of soul gems it thinks empty
Even as it feels it being

Ripped and torn

Heart beating slowly
With the rest of limbo
Pulsating as a sunless
Day never wanes

Hand on the alley wall
Mind on nothing at all

Bleeding out in a bedroom
So far and long ago
But the being is feeling
It now

Pens of gold ink
Leeched by disease

By the cold lungs
Voidbreath is flung
With the fire, frost,
And electricity of chaos

Black writing
Pierces the sky

With scores of novels
Being endlessly
Swallowed by the cloud’s
Gorging on knowledge

Bleeding out somewhere
What happened?

The things that
Got it here
To think and feel
With the constant

Fade in and out
Of life between edges

Of the slick knife plunged
From inkwell to chest
What murderous perpatrator
Wrote it off

Watching the droplets
Splash timidly on asphalt

Cast to relive the days
Over again
Seeing the symbols
And bleeding all over

A trail
Follows this being

Not lost but never here
Or there
Or anywhere meant to
Since nothing’s needed to

And spectres

Some beings
Bleeding like
This being
Who’s bleeding

Quietly on a bedroom floor
That it stole meaning from

Qasidat L Nadin

From the concrete jungle
Beaches of Olympia
I have set sail
In winds’ prevail
To land upon a coast
Of any fresh hell.

Gone are we
On an endless sea.
What bay shore
Upon we may prey
As predators is what
We hunt for:

Made memories.
Us both are
Birds of prey.
Into abyss
Let’s interplay.

Jungle of Hell

Start running
Door’s open we’re coming

We will set
Fire to the fire ones
Build bridges of victory
On the backs of skeletons

We will fall
Towers long
To land on top of
Your barons of hell

Doors open in ambush
And our answer
Is to uppercut
Some fuckin’ heads off

In the dimension of torture
And pain and depraved
Punishments for the wicked
We’re here by our volition

Jaws of imps fly
We’re ripping arms off
To beat their owners
To death with them

We don’t rest
Know no restraint
Shot shells in belts
Is all we need

Both barrels
At once
Every time

We will chainsaw you in half
We don’t mess
But with mess in your death

In your home
Splattering bullets
And buckshot in your
Flesh and our metal

Send your soldiers
And possessed
We’re the best

We will pull your spine
From your chest

Beat you with a wrench
Break your horns and
Slit your throat
With their ends

We don’t stop
No going away

You devils don’t expect
In stygian pits
To be what’s fun

For us

We’ve got machine guns
That fire rockets
And gauss rifles
In our pockets

Can fit a fist
To your socket
When it goes through
Your last wish

In the back of your mind
Is where our fingers reach
To rip and tear at what’s there
What’s fear? We’re fear

That we can’t be stopped
We’ll run amok
Damn right and I am right
Knee deep in the dead
And your head is next

Silencing banshee screams
With kinetic energy

Our divisions in the visions
Of breaking your body
With the speed and fury
Of the reckoning we bring

Where the last look
You’ll ever give
Is gonna be at us
As your teeth go missing

And your buddies burn up
In fission ammunition
Terror on your face
As we really hit it off

And then
We just keep

Kill us
If you can

We don’t speak
We communicate
In the corpses
Of demons we leave

“Fuck out of here”

Yawning Voltages

Yawning Voltages

With tired little eyes
And cute snouts
And adorable furry faces

Hellpups yawn
Of a litter born weeks ago

Curling up together
With electric bursts

Zapping in their mouths

Crackling energy
In their jaws

Aftermath Ash

Aftermath Ash

It fell

Like rain in the summer
It poured

As buckets pushed o’erhead
It dumped

The grey particles of lost embers
They rained

On a day where there was no rain

Today is the day you remember
The fire years ago that raged

The aftermath and fallout of hell
An abrupt winter blots out the sky

The fire that burned before
Had come back to life

In the shape of black, not red
Today the ashes fall

Leftover from years passed
Resetting land for a new kind of hell



Love is a crucible
A wonderful place of heat
Where things melt
And is mixed by a despot

The crucible is a battlefield
A melting mortar and pestle
Where people cry
And feelings are brought to die

The battlefield is fresh hell
A perfectly chaotic domain
Where fondness and hate fight
And no one is sure who or why

The hell takes prisoners
A desposed of people
Where behind silver bars you quiver
And inmates are only more you

The prisoners are you
A human with unfortunate emotion
Where every face is you
And the one on your mind is warden