We are all reincarnations of each other

In time, brahman exists in all of us at this particular point
We are all brahman, in this point of time, and we are all each other

We are all reincarnations of each other

I am you, and you are me

Shelled off by each other by individual souls,

Yet what lies beneath is the pure

Pure is in all of us

We are all pure

No one is pure

No one is different

I may die, and reincarnate into someone that may see a past life of me
I may die, and reincarnate into everyone, unbeknownst to me intellectually

We are all dead, and you are all me

We have all died, and this place we’re in is everywhere I’ve been

You are me
I am you

We are all reincarnations of each other
Sitting beside the other in time

The past, present, and future
Blend into one, it doesn’t matter

Because I have died and become all of us

I have died, and spawned all of me

We are all reincarnations

Different, but the same

Dead and alive, past and present


We are all one, and the one is the one
That died and created us over and over again



Ocean spray rises
Swaying, touching
Pink and orange trees
In wind from far away

Charcoal rain
Spewing cinders
Dripping from tall trees
Running off of all the leaves

It leaves behind
Coal in lanes
Flowing down branches
Like flora’s veins

A coast of
Glass grain sand
Topsoil blackening
By the hands

Which cast upon them
Winds that shape
Into this dreamt
Contented place

Melted precious pure gold
A sea with waters stilled
Made smooth waves in bold
And to rhythm it was willed

Gold spray rises from waves with will
Coal drips and blackens glass sand
The breeze abated by ocean spray
Life pumps in the flora’s new veins