Dude… – Journal 4/12/17

Every so often I will write a poem and think to myself that it’s going to be funny posting that up for everyone to see later on. Today was one of those days. Yet with all things indecent I had a moment where I thought I’d bury “It’s Nothing” today by posting a photograph orContinue reading “Dude… – Journal 4/12/17”

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Two knights stood in the center of a burning village. The raid had taken place, and the defenses were overwhelmed. Somehow, when the attacking force moved on, one knight from those numbers had remained. That knight had yellow paint on his helmet. The other knight had no paint on his armor. He belonged to noContinue reading “Honorable”

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Advencere (Unadulterated)

Oh, boy. Where to begin with this one! I suppose for those of you who aren’t me I should probably translate my shitty handwriting: “If I was deserted on a island I would go fishen’. If there were no fish, i’d serch for cocanuts. If there were no cocanuts, I guess i’d just die. ButContinue reading “Advencere (Unadulterated)”

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