Particulates of smoke
Tetrahedron points
Floating as if in
Zero gravity

Flushing through lungs
Worming through bronchi
Grey, brown, red shards
Of microcosmic triangles

Pinpricks of a universe
Points of light glittering
In smog of breath swirling
Inhaling and taking to berth

Tubes of red and blue lacing
Through a body
Carrying triangular nodes
Of yellow gas



Walking around
In the early morning
Petrichor in the lungs

To any
High way

Over railroads
And rail roads
Where fortresses
Grid tall towns

Warm hands
On yokes and reins
Vicious peacocks
Edged driftwood

Can’t stop
Won’t stop
Ferns on moss
On trees

Puzzle bark
Razor wire
Shrub forts

Spear thrower
Cliff face
River things

Where runoff
Runs off
And races
Cliff faces



It was October when
I first remembered
Seeing you

It began with sugar
Powdered, of course
The threatening snow

There began a note
Of a sweetest fruit
The strawberry

With the red threads
That brushed the air
Scattering particles

When again I remember you
You left a trail of things boiled
And cornucopias of rich oil

The oil
That oil
Spread in the fog

Freezing things like snow does
Second thoughts

Heavy freezing droplets
Catching and coating
The terrain within the fog

Melting points decreased
To freeze
And sublimate

Vexing words and actions
All happen within
This perplexing weather

The ground freezes
The air lightens
The light stops

It was November
When I last saw you
And now

And now
You’re all I can
Think about

As December begins
Dirty polyp bulbs
Float and drift

Thick and syrupy
The liquid lifts
And splits in rifts

Crackling and dripping
The remembering condensation

They freeze over
And stop still
Bent to leaves fall

Autumnal leavings
Starting the cold
Wave of syrupy air

December begins
And I think of
The time that is

Up to chance
The luck
In this massive oil pot

Spilling over onto me
Coating me
In the thickest of dreams

Strawberry notes cascaded
Confectioner’s sugar descended
Into the oil steam and chilled air

It fractals into visible light
Shaped like a key
The droplets only I can see

Pool into puddles
And spread into
Miniature rivers

As it melts its surroundings
The icy steam lifts
With the powder

My world becomes frozen over
With the blackest oil
Which coats me so wonderfully

It’s all I want to see
To continue living in this dream
With oil fog which surrounds me

The comforting cold
And solidifying warmth
Solstices this grey plane



I was stupid to trust a swine once more
My heart and mind could never agree or decide
So you did for me

I saw it coming

I knew it was near, but ’tis an odd shape it came in

Formless, unbounded, the fog rolled in
I look up at the clouds sinking lower
And knew that above them
There you were

Moist air aerosol crept into every pore
My mouth dried in the cooling air
Frozen into place were my mind and my veins
The mist rolled and the clouds descended

Walking on the grass to reach a destination
On the frosted dew that crunched
Under my feet with every step
My shoes grew wetter by the step

The rhythm in ice unfrozen
Friction collapsing crystals in bone
It’s growing harder to see
Through this thick fog surrounding

It is comforting
Every step fighting frost
Heat generated and dissipated

Winter clothes on as I take more steps
Towards the ever-declining air
Hydrated bronchi were never
So beautiful

I can only see my feet
And the ground just below
As I walk through the
Field that I know of

All fades
Grass remains
Every step
Nearing something

Then a wind
Compounding the chill
Through my jackets
Reaching for bone

The wind
Curtains away the fog
Revealing to me
The field I knew

Undercast overhead
Trees on all horizons
Walking towards something
Something I knew

The fog was gone
Yet the air was crisp


Behind and left with it
Dewdrops from thin air
Floating in suspended animation