So Cal Lunar

I earnestly
Miss the moon

As it was more
Commonly called
Luna in
So Cal skies

How it looked new
As a dialated pupil

And when it was full
So jeweled and bold

Waxing demelting
Waning and fading

But now I can’t
See it anymore

In cloudy, rainy

Skies still have
A great allure

Yet the crystal eye
No longer burns


11pm is always rainy
And dark

Always seems lonely
No matter what

Headlights nice
And dim
And low

Always seems cloudy

And the air makes
Your hands feel
Cold like mint

11pm is always
Dirty and dangerous
Yet alive and wonderful
Dressed provocatively

It always glows with a
Fiery haze
Street lights

11pm always opens
With the autumnaut lights
Of white and orange street lights

And it closes with the howl
Of starlit silence

31-Degree Pseudo Date

31-Degree Pseudo Date

It was cold that morning
When I picked you up

And I first saw you
Dressed for cold weather

When you stepped
Onto the porch

Locking up as
I watched and thought

My ribcage opened up
And relieved the tension

My jeep idling in
The driveway

Freezing with cold
When you open the door

The wasps have cold stingers
And number in the thousands

Smile on your face
Saying “hello”

Ready to go
To the diner

To sit and have
A pair of BLTs

With some soda
Before noon

Where we talked
About everything

Day and night
For only an hour

Coming outside
In the daylight again

The same clouds floated
Grey as war saws

Like Poland’s days
When they stay and hang

There as we walked out
Of the diner

It wasn’t day
But it was grey