Inferno In Stillness

Contracted again
Bloodlet old memories
Dead experience
Not by chance

These memories rise
From dancing with dead

A cult of sorrow
In the cemetary
Of memory city
Near Radio Reality

Glass and reflections
In sacrificial incense

Offer to the airwaves

Buried praxis

Shimmering in trees
While their roots drink
Deep into dark soil
Where cultists dig

With plans to withstand
Cease your

Dead memories
Waxing poetic

Changed expectations
From all to null

Dangerous associations
To the flytraps
Catching destiny

We’ve murdered rumors
Like yesterday was now

So good at reciting
No time has passed

Walking again on
Paths with vantage

Attended the underground
Scene impermanent
But always there
Yet always changing

Once again
Wrapped around
My arms and legs

Chasing meanings in
Packed crowds of
Freak kingdom

Every handhold
Oozes with tacky
Thoughts wiped away
On restaurant napkins

There’s paranoia around
Every corner
15 thousand steps in
And it’s 1 AM

Flower stamps fading
While replacing
Memories from before
Reforging the destiny

Used to be uncertain
But now it is ash

Patchoulian records
Burning as they’re turning
On an ornate table
And scorched by needle

The cult of sorrow has
Captured the experience

Played by records, this
Inferno in stillness

Reality City in cinders
But breathing into morning
Still the city is alive
And I too am, once again

Maybe donning a new brand
But bringing to my face a hand
And listening to the jingling
Memories that made these things

Chilled Chaos

Chilled Chaos

Perfumes of petrichor
And ozone
Are rife.

Lightning is
Flying with

Cinder bolts crisp,
Gold blood stone bolts
Blitz gasoline.

Inverse smokestacks
Jet nebula smoke
Through chemical contrails.

Diffuse vapor floods
Pulsate with the hum
And fuzz of embers.

Tufts of grey rum-scented
Cloud chaff currents
Twinkle and swarm,

With shards of
Thunder slag

Blinking behind
Crystal floe elixirs of
Liquid quartz.



We looked to the skies for myths of old
When countries were at war and miraculous inventions made
Flying ships peppered the sky with flags and cannons
Above our country, the Dreadnought guarded

A crew of three hundred and captain of royalty
Blazened with silver and gold, wood set with steel
The machine watched our skies, fearsome and fierce
Aloft by balloon and stocked by barrel of gun

One day a battle was brought to our home
Our precious vessel in the enemy’s sights
They flew with fury, and evaded with skill
But our Dreadnought was equipped with the purpose to kill

We fired with hell and glassed with ease
Making the enemies look caught in a breeze
Blimps exploded, and wood evaporated
The enemy ships were smited and fell into our city

The Dreadnought turned from the won fight
Cascaded death from where the threat once was
From one-thousand feet fell iron and board
Splintering hail floating down to city streets