Doesn’t matter Sardonicism Make every move cold And calculated To the last number We’re gathering strength In the opposition We’re defying expectations With our Master strategy Or so it would seem Where we might find The vulnerabilities Troops on every border We’ve withdrawn Our ambassadors And diplomats Put up all our sanctions And declared warContinue reading “War”

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Extrapersonal Relations

The popular kid at School’s got all the nukes So better follow the leader Or you’ll get bombed back To the stone age Chase the trendsetter Or do it better You better hope they Aren’t a bully And that they have mercy You’ll be even lucky If he’s remotely friendly He has a superpower toContinue reading “Extrapersonal Relations”

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Can’t Kill Us

Rising From the ashes again Shaking Off the debris Rising Despising Deciding to action Power full force Forward Resist Confound the War machine Move swiftly and Stike hard Evade and resist Protect yourself From this Impossibility “I calculate your Odds of survival at 21,368 to 1, Unless you pull the Trigger.” Quite time now AsContinue reading “Can’t Kill Us”

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