Deneb Mythos #2: Satellites of the Old Lords

In the 1st era, the countries of Esther, Quincy, and Dominicus all set out to stake a claim to the land found down the Aaugyst River. The three colonies that formed all came from those countries who feuded often in the north. This is the story of Jack Hykrel and a group of fighters who defended Little Quincy from an attack by the natives who lived there. What would it mean for the future of their claim?

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Deneb Mythos #2: Satellites of the Old Lords




We are all reincarnations of each other

In time, brahman exists in all of us at this particular point
We are all brahman, in this point of time, and we are all each other

We are all reincarnations of each other

I am you, and you are me

Shelled off by each other by individual souls,

Yet what lies beneath is the pure

Pure is in all of us

We are all pure

No one is pure

No one is different

I may die, and reincarnate into someone that may see a past life of me
I may die, and reincarnate into everyone, unbeknownst to me intellectually

We are all dead, and you are all me

We have all died, and this place we’re in is everywhere I’ve been

You are me
I am you

We are all reincarnations of each other
Sitting beside the other in time

The past, present, and future
Blend into one, it doesn’t matter

Because I have died and become all of us

I have died, and spawned all of me

We are all reincarnations

Different, but the same

Dead and alive, past and present


We are all one, and the one is the one
That died and created us over and over again



There is a boat
You are rowing
And you beach
On a shore
That you’ve been
To before

Salt in the air

You wander
On the sand grains
Feel the breeze
In your hands
And you see a

To another plane

So you walk
Up the steps
No lack of breath
As you pass through
A fog of white
Wall into a meadow

On the next story

In a building built
For you and waiting
From its forest
And a path
So you see the path
And you follow

It looks well worn

Over roots of trees
Tall and woodsy
As the forest
Gets thicker
And you come upon
A clearing

With a grand tree

In its center
With a swing on
Long ropes
So you walk
Through the tall
Grass to it

You sit and swing

For a few minutes
Glancing about
The verdant field
Feeling the wind
On your skin
As you swing

But it’s time to go

So you come to a stop
Dismount the swing
And you walk back
Onto the path
To the other side
Of the expanse

You come upon a bridge

And the bridge is
And built over a brook
That quietly runs
And water splashes
In its nurturing current

You cross the bridge

As the forest begins
To get a touch more
Dark but the canopy
Open as you walk
With every step
Calm and comforting

You are calm

Every step is light
And airy
And you come upon
A cottage in the woods
So you knock on the door

And there is an answer

It’s someone you know
They say they’ve been
Waiting for you
They smile slightly
And invite you inside
Offering a meal

It is your favorite

Food and drink
Set on a table
Which your host
Takes outside
To the porch
Where a table set

Waits for you

And your host
Sits in the chair
Across from you
And you talk
You talk for
A long time

But the sun is low

So you decide
It’s time to
Get going
So you say goodbye
And go on your
Way back

You pass the woods

You pass the bridge
You walk through
The field and pass
By the swing
You pass through
The forest

And go down the stairs

You’re on the beach
Your boat is right
Where you left it
The sun is low
You enter the ankle
Deep tide and push off

Getting into your boat

Grabbing the oars
And paddling out
Into the calm waves
Where the sun is low
And salt is in the air
And your mind is crisp

And the beach slowly fades