Ellensberg Omen

You can’t but see the haze
Lung irritating
Trees on horizon hills
Lay cloaked, beyond still

A leak below
Spitting sulphur
Into a crystal sky
To turn smokey quartz

What was once beautiful
Is now still in a different form
Now torn the ground
And make leak the unfound

All the birds call
For any port in this storm
Tracking the air
Like veins in a hand

Reaching with their wings
Through the choking
Air caked with grime

Before the world returns
To a façade of
Smokey quartz
And no sanctuary in ports

Just a burn and purge
Just the cleansing smoke
Snuffing a citrine
Starless sky to silence

Off in the distance
There stirs nothing
For the weak find their
End in an air of quartz

September Sky

Sun’s hanging low
Air’s cooling off

Seasons are shifting
And the summer is lifting
Fall is falling
Wind begins wailing

Leaves gather
On the sidewalks
Kicking up with
Feet chasing deeds

Things to do
Now that it’s cold
Outside on the street
And warm inside

It’s time to open
Windows while we sleep
And wear three
Jackets when we walk

Cavalry to crunching
Dead tree leaves

Uniform in orange
Red and yellow

Brown in bark and woe
In the gutters
When the breeze
Picks up and leaves

Partly cloudy
Where sunlight and
Shadow battle
For supremacy

And where is shade
There is respite
Even in early morning
Frost’s bite

In the September sky
We celebrate
As the sun leaves
And leaves fall


When I die
don’t let it be in cold blood.
Don’t let it be in vain.
Don’t let anyone scream

my name when they hear the news.
Don’t let my funeral be
without good happiness.
Don’t let my thoughts be worthless.

Don’t let the silent pictures
of my life fade away.
Don’t let the noise of my voice
burn from memory.

Don’t let my legacy die.
Don’t let me die.
Don’t let the crows in the sky
stop when I die.

Don’t let the flow
of my favorite city streets halt.
Don’t let the ones I love be
ignorant of the things I’ve felt.

Don’t let the strokes
of a guitar make you cry
when you think of me.
Don’t let the battles I’ve fought

be without victory.
Don’t let the times where I was sad
overwrite what was happy.
Don’t let the finality of this

leave you yearning. Don’t let
the supernovas among the stars be too much.
Don’t let the asterisks
at the bottoms of pages

in your story make you miss too much.
Don’t let the definitions
of the words I’ve made
be rewritten by others.

Don’t let the ink of death
stain the paper of life. Don’t let
the last word be weak.
When I die don’t drop

to your knees and sink to the ground.
Listen to melancholy songs
and talk to me like I’m still around.
Remember me like I was never gone

and enjoy the memories. I’d say
I’ll soon be gone but you know
I’ll never leave.
When I die I want you

to think of autumn because
I loved it so much.
I want you to miss me
as I was and will always be.

I want you to think
so I can be back again.
Alive in the memories, promise
you’ll think of me.

Don’t let my silent pictures
in dusty reels lie.
Don’t let my asterisk
cease to shine.


I can make you hurt like I do
If I really wanted to

Some things aren’t worth
Going down with the ship

Lost on the seas
Drifting for years

Seems like everyone’s hurt

I want to be a pianist and a painter
Passing by them on the waves

No one wants to climb aboard
Even though I’m always inviting

I paint the same thing everyday
And never tire of the waves

Tumult and turbulent
I ride atop it

So many canvases of blue
And sunrises and sets

Lay scattered on deck
And in the cabins

No one wants to see it
Through my eyes

They just want to be caught
Up in these passing currents

I’m running away
Forever drifting

No more dry land
After a couple more years

My beard’s getting bigger
Hands growing frailer

The paintings change
As I run away

So much time in this place
I call the place that surrounds

The boat
All the faces that mix and churn

All the people that look
For something better in the sun

Still I feel young
No matter the time

I’m with the paintings
I’ve always painted

And the scenes only I’ve seen
Of the surrounding sea

Fed by my soul
Starved by my ego

Am I any better than them?

I think and see my hand
Shaking with the brush

While I press it to canvas
Messy strokes and mixed hues

I still feel good

Forever young
I know what’s real

I have it all
Forever I want

I want to die
I want to drown

But I love the way
The horizon looks

I feel good

I feel good
I run away

Always summer
Night comes and goes

No place is home
Just seeing where I roll

Off the backs of waves
I feel young

Another painting done
Moving on and leaving

Over the stars
And the calming keys in my heart

I feel young

Laying down now
It feels right for this to end

I’m torn apart
So elder there’s nothing left to do

I’m afraid to drown
But I’ve never felt it before

Water sloshes my body
I’m staring at the sun

Pass through the days
So quickly now

I love the way this feels
Running away.

Smiling and

With the salty tears
Of the whole ocean’s sympathy

Paintings getting wet
Around me

Leaking into the water

Running away
Running away from the hurt

I’m staring at the days
Running away from yesterdays

I feel good

I feel young

The water’s so gorgeous
And the air is so inviting

Don’t want to get left behind
Don’t want to miss out

I feel so good

Feel so young
My time in this place is done

Sing me away

Run me away



Blood seeping
Grass bleeding my blood
The blood of others
Bloods of your loved ones

Defiantly dripping from blades
Ashes cascading
By a nearby

As the loved ones settled
Unto the stepped puddles
Licking the blood: flakes of carbon
Cast aside, by a man to beware

In the struggle, I had been injured
Yet to negate his intention
I took my own

After the bodies burned away
And the air became saturated
With their remains
And bloodstains

I laid down to accept my fate
To lose my life, just the same
Tunnel vision narrowing
Eyes slowly closing

But then in that moment
I saw you had arrived
To see your kind killed
And myself nearly dead

Though I knew you heeded me
And understood these events
You stood close by, silently
As if offering recompense

Razed earth where your
Family once stood
Began glowing in places
Forming the incantations

You silently spoke as the wind blew
Ashes and dust cascaded
And runes shone through
The bloodied grass blades

My strength wavering,
I failed to understand
As I held onto your legs
Accepting the forthcoming

Maybe I should just fall asleep
Laying there beside the sidewalk
I see the yellow runes in my dream
Sleepless and still untied

In the end, I last saw the lights
Your shadow cast across my eyes
Summoning deafening blindness
With blood spilling from my gears

Maybe I should just fall asleep
Entranced and holding you
Slowly losing all I need
Sleepless and still untied