Voices – Journal 11/19/18

This month has marked another good turning point in a couple of spheres for myself.

Photography: getting paid for it. Drones? Repaired and able to fly (after demonstrating what is undoubtedly amazing electrical engineering skills by having a battery explode in my hands). Website? On point, with a better layout and more effective front page. A copy of Microsoft Office so I can actually be productive on my machine? What does this mean exactly?

One of the things I’ve struggled to take care of is actually come up with a publication that’s somewhat all-encompassing of my work. Something for the drone side, the photography side, the poetry side, and even the short story side. Since I have an idea of where the Deneb Mythos are going and Reality City is alive on the site and in the airwaves, I can sit down and come up with a publication that at least covers my bases for the big three. Poetry, drones, and photography.

So that’s good. A step in the right direction. That, and another step has been made towards backing up RRC on as much as possible again. Now, this includes Betaflight, and all my drone flash memory files. As well as stuff from professional portraiture. Never before has Radio Reality City been known to have that in its portfolio, but it does now, and I have indeed gotten a couple of gigs here and there.

But there is one phenomenon still looming that I am quite afraid of. My poetry output has waned to the point that ‘one a day’ posting is no longer feasible for the long term. As you’ve likely noticed, I haven’t had a lot of stuff to put up in the name of photography either outside of recent shoots. I still don’t have a super well-defined release schedule for broader lengths of content overall. The ideal is to have a M-T-W-Th-F schedule of content centered around different aspects of Radio Reality City, my setup for it just isn’t concrete yet.

Unfortunately for the site, but fortunately for me, I’ve been able to do a lot day-to-day, so the times that come to pass for being able to focus on content here comes about just once or twice a week.

shrouded edit

Because stuff like this is what I’ve been up to! I’ve gotten much better at overall composition, direction, and editing of photos in the last few weeks. It’s been a while since October, but that’s okay. It’s happening now. I’m doing work!

I hope that’s enough for an update. If you happen to be a regular (or anyone, really), feel free to peruse the writing page and flick through some of those short stories. If you’re looking for some reading material, I am always looking for feedback on execution of these things. In what will hopefully be a slight petering out of content, I would love to see my short stories grow into a respectable side of Radio Reality City.

Thanks for tuning in, as always, and continue to consume reality!

Radio Reality City!




Mount Si Memories – Journal 9/20/18


One of my friends, Guy Larson, is in the midst of a cool little project with nude photography and creative censorship using lewd poetry and scripture. I, of course, offered my poetry to be used in this endeavor, and as such have been revamping some more organization on the back end.

Unfortunately, as a side effect of all this, anyone subscribed to my site for email updates just got bombed by like 19 erotic poems and I do apologize for that. That’s a lot of erotic poems to suddenly flood one’s inbox.

But because of this, I’ve ALSO learned that my site stopped pushing updates to Twitter, and therefore the Facebook page, at some point in mid-August. WHICH IS GREAT. That’s what everyone wants to hear when they’re trying to get some exposure, am I right?

Which is all fine and well. I haven’t been putting out a lot of content lately, but it still kind of sucks a lot. It’s just annoying to not have a lot of time to make the kinds of content I want to make. Poetry is running out, and I am quickly reaching the end of my rope. Only about 30 poems left to go after the omissions.

I hope to make up for this by introducing more and more video content. And graphic art stuff! I’m currently making a photography guide that goes over pretty much everything I know so far. It’s a lot of fun to put together, but time consuming. I work on it in the middle of waiting for videos to render.

In other news, I’ve finally done it. On September 18th, Mount Si became mine, finally overwriting the last of the symbols from my history with my own associations.

Three and a half hours up. One and a half down. 8 miles. One hour at the summit. And no, I didn’t climb haystack. I’m not quite into the idea yet, especially not carrying my Sony and wearing a bunch of gear. My whole body is still sore from the experience.

I have 40 minutes of 4k, 60fps GoPro footage that’s taken 9 hours to render, and it’s only at 75% done. So that’s good. My computer is in need of an upgrade at some point, that’s for damn sure.

And after that hike and miserable traffic-infested drive back, I went out to the Airport Tavern to take some more video and chat shit about being the house filmmaker. Which is exciting, but I arrived late and no one was in the right mind to talk about business stuff. That was a terrible oversight on my part, but I appreciated having time to nap after the hike.

That’s pretty much everything going on around here. Except the fact that I am going to be a student of Digital Film at the Art Institute of Seattle soon. Still prepping, so maybe not this quarter with everything else going on. But soon.

Thank you all for continuing to tune in. I realize that we’ve been on a bit of a downward spiral, but this is where it picks up: with accidental lewd poetry email bombs.

Consume reality!

Radio Reality City!

Syncope – Journal 9/9/18

When I woke up yesterday morning, I couldn’t use my own strength to get out of bed, lest I let another muscle spasm in my back get worse and bring me right back down to earth. This two-hour long struggle culminated in me passing out due to the pain, which is a sensation I have never quite experienced before.

It felt like I lived another life for years, and woke up in someone else’s body, staring at my ceiling. A hot flash later, and some lightheadedness passing by, and I realized where I was again.

Hello from Radio Reality City! This is your host, Jake Thomas Shaw, back on the attack. As a wise man once said, “Attack your body before it attacks you!”

Boy, I can hardly remember the last time I took a crack at one of these journals. I guess that’s a good thing when you try to trend towards a more professional website. As included in the upgrades to our lovely .city address from which you now read this journal, I have also shelved away the entire section to below my About/Contact page. This isn’t to isolate it, by any means, and though a lot of people seem interested in my day to day, I’d rather my work be at the forefront. It’s still there, just takes a bit of digging.

So what’s new? I usually discuss projects or acquisitions, but I must say that the station is in a bit of a maintenance period at the moment. As a whole, production is on a big upswing, but the newer devices I’ve gotten my hands on still have some kinks to be ironed out. Helios lens needs some getting used to.

I put together my first drone build some weeks ago, was able to get it off the ground and dispatch radio telemetry to my goggles just fine, but it’s refusing to arm now. I’m in talks with BETAFPV to troubleshoot.

Putting it all together, soldering what needed it, and throwing the frame over the top is some of the most fun I’ve had on my own in a while.

The birth of the Reality City Moth.

Also part of the latest series of escapades is filming for a local club, the Airport Tavern. Some pretty good people out there, and maybe it’s not my scene, but man is it fun to go out and actually talk to people who’s entire lives are about music. It was weird to be able to throw out criticisms of old Simian Mobile Disco and Basement Jaxx, and get a response. Maybe not my scene. But maybe it is a little bit.

open for business
The Airport Tavern is open on South Tacoma Way nights. Familiar to me.

I’ve made some contacts with the Art Institute of Seattle, and have been accepted into the Digital Film Bachelors program there, so that’s awesome.

As I type this now, the menu music for Destiny 2: Forsaken plays, and the rain outside my window increases in volume.

Sometimes, things seem to line up. No matter the cervical sprain, no matter the rejection, no matter the sundrance of what you thought was normal, there’s always a way.

I think a lot of people look at life like an algebraic equation; there’s a set of variables that need to be in the exact way in order for everything to work out. As if there’s only one right answer to living properly.

It would be highly disagreeable to think that at any given moment, you have only one path forward. There’s an infinite number of ways you could live, and live well, you just have to seek opportunities. They may not come crashing down at your feet, and in fact the door may be locked to you momentarily. Does this dissuade you from achieving? It shouldn’t.

That door should be looked at with contempt, and outright disgust for its intrusion and blockage of your path.

I talk a lot about what it takes to overcome obstacles in life. Not every time that I bring it up do I bring it up for whomever might be reading this. Sometimes, I need to remind myself that 4 years ago, I was alone, afraid, vulnerable, and had no idea what life I would ever lead. What aspirations I might someday have.

Was I ever afraid of becoming something I didn’t want to? Was I afraid of running out of time? Yes and yes, and to an extent, I still am.

But every day, I wake up, and make the dreams of an 8th grade me come true. Never in my wildest dreams could I hope to think I would have ever been through what I have and be right where I am now.

Tungsten promise ring on my finger, and a copper and amethyst one on hers.

As my love’s birthday approaches, I am reminded of a weird point in my life that signaled the end of the easy. This September 14th, she’s celebrating another year lived, and fought hard for. Another year down in the flight of years to climb on your way through memories and experience. We’re celebrating a lot together, but apart.

On September 14th, 2010, I was excited to be opening up my copy of Halo: Reach, not understanding exactly what any of it meant, but enjoying it all the same. The end of an era of sleepovers, of wishing to be a YouTube star, of wanting to make short films, of experimenting with things I had no business experimenting. The end of an era where I went to school with my best friend, and the end of an age of innocence before high school would make each of us try to find out who we are.

I don’t think I found out who I was until 2014.

Lo and behold, with the advent of new friends comes sleepovers, clubbing, studio photography, going out to Seattle to go to class, and so much more. The beginning of a new era.

The beginning of Year V of Radio Reality City.

My poetry is no longer cordoned off by era, or month, no it’s all out there on its page free and ready to be scrutinized by anyone who cares to take a magnifying glass to my words. Do it, I dare you, it’s fun for me.

This limbo has not come easy, but it will leave with grace. Helios lens on my hip. Drone in my pocket. I’m ready to go forth again.

Thank you for continuing to consume reality, from all corners of this plane, and from anywhere you might see me. I’m here, and this is my city.

Radio Reality City.

Drones of August – Journal 8/22/18

Almost a month since the last journal. At least these are getting slightly more predictable.

Well, having time to get my head on straight, a number of things have happened, as most things inevitably do when one gets idle.

I’m going to become the contracted videographer for a local EDM venue.

I have a wedding on my docket to shoot.

I’m going to be at the Art Institute of Seattle on Tuesday to see what they can do for me.

The pieces of a Tiny Whoop Beta65S arrive tomorrow, and I will be fully immersing myself in the FPV world. Thinking of calling it the Reality City Moth when it’s all done.

I am being allowed to dive further into my areas of specialty at work with drone stuff and photography in general, which has so far been a blast.

And I have surmounted a series of upgrades to improve the general nature of the main site. Not least of which includes a shop to buy poetry in as a direct download! 

Year Five did start with a bang after all. After all the buildup, all the planning, I thought I wouldn’t see the day where I could make present me proud enough to go on. But I have seen that day, finally.

lithium autumn

Lithium Autumn, which has been a constant fixation over the last year, is almost to a point where I can release it now, and this time it won’t be appearing on Amazon. It’ll show up right here in my shop.

Getting closer and closer to being sUAS certified, and am much enjoying the knowledge studying is giving me.

You may have noticed poetry take a significant slowdown this month, and that would be a side effect of a full-time work schedule as well as a general disinterest in updating, unfortunately. That’s my bad. I hope I made up for it with all the optimization and stuff. I want to make my site not only pretty but functional, as well. It’s been lacking up until a week ago.

Personal life has also dictated a lot of my time lately, for the better. I need to be present which is leaving me with not a lot of spare time for sitting down and having a good think. However, I’m lucky to find myself able to figure out how to navigate being busy. And I’m fucking loving it.

The race is back on, and the next video I publish on the site might just be of some FPV freestyling. Who knows?

The game is truly afoot this year, and all energies are making connections. I’m even in touch with Michael Anderson of Downtown FPV, who is a pilot for Tiny Whoop. So I’m in good hands if I need any help.

Thank you for your continued support, and if you’d like to pickup a collection of poetry from me, why not Abandon Ship?

Consume reality! Radio Reality City!


Yo, What’s Up – Journal 6/22/18

Ladies and gentlemen, I came to the realization of something pretty cool two days ago. I now have a PC that can handle expanding and also deal with the rigors of editing 4k video. I’ve had a recent burst of inspiration from all things virtual reality (as the name itself implies, you might have guessed), and I quickly got the idea that I could probably develop something for the Oculus Rift in Unreal Engine 4 to have a piece of Radio Reality City be able to be experienced.

I started with a landscape, where I’m going to sculpt terrain to make it look how I imagine the station sitting atop its hill. And then I might be able to make parts of Reality City itself. Have it be something I can walk through, and publish so that others can walk through it, too.

Why stop there? Why not create an environment where I can put on the Oculus, write poetry in VR and then have those files show up as .png or .txt on my desktop? Isn’t that kinda where I’ve been headed this whole time?

Hell, just go take a look at Somewhere Else, again, and you could see why I’m giddy at the idea of this. It’d be crazy to build this place. Build places. Why stop at poetry? If I can make the environments I write about, why wouldn’t I want to see what the beaches of Murmur look like? Or the great heights of Poikilothermal?

It’s a little overwhelming, so I’ve stopped working on the first environment I started. I don’t have an Oculus yet, and that’s a good thing. I don’t want to constantly find new outlets, overwhelm myself, and end up making nothing. So I’ve been writing poetry again, of things I have had yet to tackle. It’s good to get back to basom.

And today is going to mark another milestone for me. Year 5 of Radio Reality City will start with an editing PC, a Canon 80D, and a DJI Mavic Pro. Today, I will get the 80D.

7 more megapixels, ever more autofocus points, and a more professional frame. I’ll finally be breaking out from the Rebel series, which in itself isn’t a bad series, it just is NOT professional grade. Frankly, I’m surprised I’ve gotten what I have out of the old XS and SL1. I’m going to be able to do so much more good stuff. It’s going to be fun bringing it home. The 80D is at least no longer entry level stuff. Now that I know what I’m doing after three years of this stuff, I feel confident taking on a much more powerful camera body.

Photography stuff will be at what it needs to be for a while. I don’t imagine I’ll get a full frame DSLR for a long time. In fact, after the 80D, I’ll probably go for a Sony mirrorless for the video stuff. DSLR sensors are not really made for prolonged exposure on the sensor. So I’ll probably be sticking to lenses for the next year or two.

But drone stuff will take off properly when I get the Mavic. All in due time, but it’s difficult to pace myself sometimes, I must admit. There’s so much to do and only so much time in one life. I want to be able to make it all with every tool I can.

Music making is quickly becoming an interest as I have Oculus stuff to think about, too. A good experience needs good sound design to go with it. I wonder how it’ll all turn out.

Second update this week out of Radio Reality City. More organization is in order!

And hopefully by Year V, there will be some organization around here! Who coded this bullshit?

Thank you for tuning in, and while you’re here, consume reality!

Radio Reality City!



I See in RGB – Journal 6/18/18

Yesterday I turned 21 years old, and was treated to a dinner and beach date by the love of my life who graciously took me out to eat, in formal wear, and it felt great. I didn’t have a drop of wine nor the corvidae-themed IPAs my sister and soon to be brother-in-law got me. It was actually quite redundant because I had more Turkish coffee last evening and that properly kept me awake until 2.

I intend to get a CC permit when it is convenient for me to, but until then yeah. 21. That’s kinda weird. It’s the last big birthday for a long time.

Let’s stop beating around that bush now, and beat around one twelve feet to the left, because I have OPERATIONAL news for Radio Reality City!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now in possession of a real live editing PC! Sporting 8GB of RAM, a 2GB dedicated GPU, and 1TB of disk space, I now have the hardware and case I need to edit what I edit and beyond!

No longer shall I render 4k videos overnight! No longer shall I fear for overheating on the part of my laptop! No longer shall RRC live in my pocket while I’m at work, because that’s all it can fit on. The first thing I did upon plugging everything in was download all of RRC’s files and programs onto the hard drive, and the next day bought PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds after an inaugural match of Team Fortress 2. God damn, I can PC game now. And build more into my PC!

So when summer begins, and I record more and more and drone ever so slightly more as well, I will have a dedicated rig to support all of my interests. I might even start getting into VR dev stuff long enough to maintain a healthy interest!

It’s a short one for this journal. Just wanted to throw a little update out there and let you guys know what’s been happening around here.

Publishing has slowed down since I may actually finally be done with Pierce this time and am concentrating on work full time. Hopefully with that will come more opportunities to produce good content, as I’m still trying to hit a good stride for video stuff.

My friends and I did that Pirates! Gold recording, but that’s probably never going to see the light of day. It was awful. It was so bad. But we did it. So we can get better.

Honestly, I think the first thing I’m going to buy with my next paycheck is a proper fucking desk. This hunching over stuff is NOT conducive to a creative process.

With the uptick in everything else, poetry has taken a bit of a hit, but as usual what this means is that there’s plenty of material; it just hasn’t been written about yet.

So that’s all from myself tonight, I hope you’re all sleeping well and find the next couple of poems amusing at all!

Consume reality!

Radio Reality City!




21st Wishlist – Journal 6/1/18

Where I’ll attempt to write a poem about 2018 accounting in the form of my 21st birthday wishlist.

  1. Plate Carrier with Level 3 Trauma Plates for Front and Back
  2. Velcro ‘PRESS’ patch
  3. Bitcoin Mining Machine
  4. Helios Lens for EF Series
  5. Editing Desktop PC with tons of Upgrade Potential
  6. Tiny Whoop Racer – Awesome Sauce Edition
  7. FPV goggles

Well, friends, a lot has gone on. I’m currently deep in the throes of some heavy counter-intelligence operations, so I can’t say so much about what’s been going on in my life in particular, but I can tell you about all the creative stuff that’s happened as a result.

I got in touch with a local group of drone guys, who fly the FPV racing and stunt drones. These guys were mental, 3d printing camera housings, machining custom carbon fiber chassis for their drones, knowledgeable about all aspects of coding and engineering about the things they touch. I took the Monarch and tried my best to get good shots of them flying, but their drones are just way too fast to get good footage of with a Phantom 3.

But I got to fly one of their rigs and it was liberating. I know what my next creative stint is going to be in. Custom drone manufacturing.

As part of understanding that my website is still running on slightly archaic infrastructure, I have gone around and updated https://radioreality.city for navigational purposes and dropped a portfolio page into the menu structure, and included a new tab called “Multimedia” that will take you to all the digital stuff I’ve done. “Writing Projects” will now take you to just that, all of my other writing stuff that isn’t poetry or something of the sort.

My previous journals were spent bitching about how much I put on my plate, and to finish a metaphor I’ve started to chow down; the introduction of more rigid and grouped organizational structures has given me a lot of insight as to how to make things run more smoothly. Especially with the vastly different kinds of content you can find on the station. It’s cool at first, but without any organization it just turns into a fustercluck of data that nobody cares about, and that I used to neglect.

As I start embarking upon different avenues of creativity, I’ve been forced to evolve the site. This year, 2018, I’ve added drones, graphic design, digital arts, video, and streams to the catalog of Radio Reality city content.

Speaking of which, tomorrow I’m getting a group of friends together to do a playthrough of Pirates! Gold, the 1993 Sega Genesis game. Which is exciting, because I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a few years. I looked around and realized I had everything I needed to schedule a record and, wouldn’t you know it, I got a ROM of the game and got heavily invested after about 30 minutes of play time.

That video should show up as soon as I can edit it all together. Before we record I’m going to have to re-orient myself with OBS since it’s been nearly 4 years since I messed with it. Here’s to hoping I can record without incident.

Also a thing: I’m definitely in need of a PC with more than 500 gigs of storage space. 2k DSLR video and 4k Phantom footage takes up a LOT of space. Editing on a laptop with not a terribly powerful GPU is a nightmare.

21st birthday is this month, though. Hopefully it will yield some good memories and terribly useful technical stuff. Year V is 61 days away, and that will also yield some incredibly useful tools for continuing this journey. Things are heating up.

In the meantime, consume reality!

Radio Reality City!

Thank you for tuning in, and if you’d like to support the station please consider being a patron!