Deneb Mythos #5: Den of the Nogyave 1 – Heart of Sand

Dominic is a scholar in the 2nd era of the desert cities, charged with investigating the surrounding lowlands for evidence of the nomads. Now that Deneb was in an age where it could prosper, there was nothing stopping the king’s continued accumulation of knowledge. Truly a heart of golden sand waited for those who went looking.

DM5: DotN1-HoS

Deneb Mythos #4: Captain Scarlett and her Sojurns 1 – The Three Way Deal

Today isn’t a great day for her crew, but it can get better. Explore some of the lower reaches of the Kxzzyxin Sea during the 4th Era under the flag of a modest trading vessel. Agreements can yet be reached when a shipment is stolen.

See the first step in Scarlett Nazareth’s journeys across what is known of the sea in this first story of her saga.

Deneb Mythos #4: Captain Scarlett and her Sojurns 1 – The Three Way Deal

NANOCRYMORE – Journal 12/1/17

Some new stuff!

Not really. But I was able to wake up earlier than 11 PM for once, and did laundry and cleaned up my room. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish by having an extra 4 hours to be awake.

Now it’s December 1st, 2017, and this year draws to a close. 2017 was an interesting one. I’ll be putting up a pre-mortem recap as New Year’s draws closer. There’s a lot to cover, but we’re still in the present and the present is chaotic as fuck.

Let’s see if I can organize what otherwise will be a journal that’s as equally chaotic as the present day.

First, let’s go over the most pressing stuff. The Deneb Mythos/Series has been added to extensively recently. After simply talking about the series (and realizing it had been since April that I worked on it), I had a new fire lit under my ass to work on it. So I’m up to 10 more stories that I’m actively writing in the mythos.

I think it deserves an explanation, if I haven’t done one before.

The Deneb Mythos is a series of stories that takes place in a semi-fantasy world, centered around themes of 1600’s colonization, a secret hunt for knowledge, and conquering the unknown. I’ve set up a small world where all these stories take place over the course of 200 years, where each story follows a different person’s stake in the world. There are elements of the supernatural, but nothing venturing further than myths and legends. At least as far as the colonialists know.

It’s difficult for me to focus on longer projects, I think I’ve said that before, but that makes a project as large as this one tantamount to climbing Everest. This project began in August of 2015, when I first drew up the map. So far I’ve only published 3 stories, out of 5 finished, out of 18 started. Which totals up to 50-ish pages that are done. See what I mean? This is why I find poetry to be… less stressful. But those two stories I finished to add to the total are completely new and didn’t exist in any capacity a week ago. Just in time for NANOWRIMO!

And off the heels of all of this incredible energy I’ve found, I also restarted a dystopian story set near New Year’s 2099. I did some work on it back in May, but stopped for whatever reason. There’s plenty of material to pull a dystopia from, so I got to work and cracked out two pages, completely unprovoked, in about an hour during class the other day.

“The Anaconda State” will be a long-term project, that will most likely be marketed as my first real novel. It’s set in the Washington Province of Cascadia. Though I’m in the first few pages, I’ve already set up the next 200. When it comes to dystopia, I’m inspired heavily by 1984, V For Vendetta, and the present day. It won’t be hard to make the story I’d want to read, but it will be hard to word in prose instead of poetry.

It’s pretty big. I haven’t written so much in a very long time, even getting down a powerful little love poem last night to ring in the month. To say the least: in the avenue of writing I have been slaying it. Nano cry more.

Photography, on the other hand, has slowed. I still take my camera everywhere, and I’m hoping I can get some new lenses and stuff for my EOS. It’s a little unwieldy to take around all the time, and I certainly don’t want to bring it with me to work. Not a great idea. I did find the secret to writing again, though. You just have to sit down and start.

Otherwise, it’s December, and it’s cold, and I’m loving it. It’s going to be amazing, and I have to wonder what I might write about 2017 when it’s all over. To that end, I have a musical recommendation this time. Check out Aurore by Solar Fields. Very airy, very nice, very wintery. And Cascadian.

Consume reality! Radio Reality City!

Thanks for reading, everyone! I’ll be putting out the 4th story in the Deneb Mythos soon!

Deneb Mythos #1: The Courier

What would you do as a young boy in the bustling city of Hertkur? So much temptation to join the military… become a shopkeep… or any normal stable thing all the other boys seemed to drift towards. No, this young boy has much loftier goals. Step into the shoes of one of the most dangerous occupations in the Deneb Kingdom during the 4th era. This young boy is a smuggler in the strangest of times.

Click below to read the first story in the Deneb Mythos.

Deneb Mythos #1: The Courier