Blackening skies
Flakes ablaze
Mist smoky haze
Whispered sunder
Turbulence under

Coursing vitality
Crisp congealed clots
In super hot wind
Acid rain spores

Red at the edges
Teeming ember ends
Nomadic spark nests
Crawl through air
And borders of flare

Until connecting with surface
Eroding and corroding
With quiet displays

Fireworks of grace
Yielding to raze

Descending nebulas
Falling stars

Galactic arms embrace

Spiral entanglement
Of two complex mazes

Memetic juice
Viral reactions
Flowing and rolling in waves
Of riptide firework displays

After eras of watching
And eons of approaching
It hangs eerily
In our blackened skies

Waiting forever
Only a little longer

And with its approach
Ever so near
An orchestra with its
Most beautiful violins
Gets ever so louder

Fearful currents
Of drifting orbits

Fusing valiant galaxies
To the sound of quiet fire
And a chorus
Of rumbling comet orchards

Wavelength Web

Wavelength Web

Every fiber
Pore and spiracle

Crystalline surface
Refractive brilliance
Tensed and flexed
Snapshotted moments

Fluxed gauges of lux
Amperages of electrolysis

Constricting and relaxing
Waves of arc displays
Against a glass frame

Rock elements deluxe

Diffused light rays
Oscillate around the cave

Draconian ripples
Wave around stalagmites
And stalactites

Cave line bulwarks
Heaving aurorae
Billow as quarries
Smoke stacks so floral
Bright points in Lyra

Scintillating in the walls
Little glittering dots
Golden sparkles
Among coal
Ingredients to pull
Rays across ways
Massive cosmic distances

In an echo chamber
Mirror upon mirror
Of sight and sound

Refracts off of
Glistering particles
In jagged stone ramparts


Iridescent echo waves

Surging out
Tinsel chaff
Branching paths
Flowing in swells
Of cosmic
Gas cells

Sweeping signals
Glide over
Station Cygnus

Coded enigmas

Ancient paintings
In a cave

Tides of a current
Galactic occurrence
Universe conflux
Flowing into

Evaporating into

Thinnest air


Droplet Mass

Droplet Mass

I stumble.
As I reach toward
A neutron star drop,
My wrist snaps.

All the fluid in my body
Gathers at the edge
Of gravitational

Yearning, begging,
Bursting to fall
Horizontally, elegantly
Towards the droplet.

It has me already.
I won’t be able
To get away.
A chassis grey

Droplet gladly
Absorbs and spheres
Of a willing me.