Whenever a footprint
Must be rewound

I find I lack a will
To look around

Photos take me back
In time all at once

Sounds of my souls
Echo like a movie

I lean back in my seat
As memories set scene

Set sail
And turn me pale

With grief for all the
Dead memories buried

For all the angsty
Fucked up metaphors

I’ve seen connect
In the film strips

How many more yarns
Of possible pathways

Must yet be cut

What questions
Never answer

Closure never closed
Threads of a frame

To be
Stripped out


I know there’s something more out there
But I
Just don’t know what to wear

I could get dressed in anything
But I
Will only go out in what feels right

I want to hunt that something more
Me to walk out the door

I know there’s something more out there
But I
Just don’t know what to wear

Out the window I can see
Begging my curiosity

I can’t match my shoes to my favorite tie
Better try
To find something else that works

I know there’s something more out there
But I
Just don’t know what to wear

An adventure and a party
A place that I could be

If only I could find something
The mood and intensity

I know there’s something more out there
But I
Just don’t know what to wear

Bad For You

Energy drinks are “bad for you”
Even if they’re delicious

But what can be really bad is
Fake news and alternative facts

And people upset over who they voted for
Safe spaces without triggers

It’s hard to keep track of these days
All the stuff that’s bad for you

1984 is popular again
The book and nostalgia

The Bachelor is brainless
Big Bang Theory isn’t very funny

Fucking Buzzfeed, man

The_Donald and

Echo chambers

Russia and China the

ISIS and Syria
Definitely unhealthy

The Pirate Bay sails again
4chan and Wikileaks are omnipresent

Just like the NSA and CIA

Snowden and Assange are
On the run because they did

What they thought was right

Putin and Trump have fun
In political cartoons

Old celebrities are dying
And everyone’s surprised

Students are in debt
Jobs are tougher to find

Among all the stuff
That’s bad for you

Member berries
Rick and Morty Season 3 not out yet

Blasphemy is bad for you
And so is a government bipartisan


Disagreeing is bad for you
Coca Cola is bad for you

Consumerism is bad for you
“It’ll kill you”

Spending money is bad
If you’re not saving it

College is screwed up
“Education’s a joke”

It’s all bad for you
Living: bad for you

Breathing can be bad
Under the right circumstances

The ocean is bad for you
Cars are dangerous

The outsider who offered
To give you a ride is bad for you

Everything is bad for you
No good without bad

Once you realize that
Every moment is a fluke

You can stop and properly smell the roses
With their thorns that are bad for you

Or enjoy the shining summer sun
That can give you cancer

Die to an allergy to your favorite food
Or be murdered by your lover

Risk or reward, pleasure or pain…
It’s all bad for you in some impossible way

Shouldn’t Be

Shouldn’t be

A glitch in the stream
A crack in the slab

Of a tablet
Held by an oracle
Who reads it

A black
Character marrrrr-

This shouldn’t
Be happening

This shouldn’t exist

You shouldn’t be
Reading this

Couldn’t even

Why this shouldn’t be
Even though it’s what
I’m trying to


But of all of

This shouldn’t be

Passed Through His Story

A spectre of choices
Just who am I?
An umbra of history

An ancient part of
His story

He who was deciding
Eclipsing the mystery

Those times all lie frozen
In stasis, never to be
Don’t know where they could’ve gone
Time fractures under siege

His forms have transformed
They built a pyramid
I see right where he came from
From atop the bodies