Black Ice Brush

Concrete ground Cracks and shifts Like the plates Of the world That quake and make The interred whirl The frozen Breakage Invisible ice Invulerable twice Can knock you down Without a fight Morning sun melts Snow in the boughs To drip like broken Taps made by icicles They make slack and Dissatisfact with The heatContinue reading “Black Ice Brush”

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Olympia Sunshine Life

I wore monochrome Since it was grey outside Until I found red sunglasses Breaking down the walls That cast long shadows Through the streets And down the beat Paths struck by shoes That cracked at the arch Eating bagels and having Breve before Bower’s Books Comes into view Around another corner A vertical horizon cuttingContinue reading “Olympia Sunshine Life”

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Redshifted Telecom Pleiades

Redshifted Telecom Pleiades Idle air nibbles with Cold teeth at the warmth Coming off of Bodies wandering streets Frosted telecom jungles Canopy the intersections And the skyline above Shines through the wires Red blinking alpine lightning Rods warn aircraft of low Altitude treetop masts as Towerkilling Pleiades can Orient the avians To high-strung cables TangledContinue reading “Redshifted Telecom Pleiades”

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