Power Outage on Meridian

A shopping block fell dark And quiet on A saturday night I was restless and decided To brave the blackness, So struck by its danger When the lights are out The hardy and edged Appear to rout Back the honest With paranoia and fear Of the dark Go home, they said, It’s closing time ForContinue reading “Power Outage on Meridian”

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Grand Theft Blackout – Journal 7/12/17

Today is a day of protest, allegedly against an administration aiming to attack an ample guardian of the internet. Which means there’s a thing in the US government stopping big corporations from making exclusivity a thing on the internet. For me and Radio Reality City, this would mean I could get crossed out of theContinue reading “Grand Theft Blackout – Journal 7/12/17”

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Blackout Fabricate protection I’m unplugged Bolt Screw Nail Rivet The perforated steel Is leaking me Popping Screeching Pulling Leeching I’m losing my charge Flickering eyelids, I’m losing control of My muscle’s switchboards My circuit cells are failing A power surged frame twitches Fighting back To stay awake I’m leaking me I’m losing me All theContinue reading “Blackout”

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