Whistle of Sunlight

Freezing fog
Ices over the bog
Of suburbs
Sleeping sound

Crows perch on
Dead branches
At the edge
Of the streets

Cawing effervescently
In the obscuring frost

It floats and cloaks
And stopping still


Redshifted Telecom Pleiades


Redshifted Telecom Pleiades

Idle air nibbles with
Cold teeth at the warmth
Coming off of
Bodies wandering streets

Frosted telecom jungles
Canopy the intersections
And the skyline above
Shines through the wires

Red blinking alpine lightning
Rods warn aircraft of low
Altitude treetop masts as
Towerkilling Pleiades can

Orient the avians
To high-strung cables
Tangled wires like branches
Just above the sidewalks

Yet much further up
Stand these reaching masts
With blinking red tower
Lights at their tips like

Parallaxed redshifted Pleiades

In an endless sea of stars
Of grey
And black
And tower concrete

die Bionic herfs

This is an essay I’ve had gelling around in my head for a while. I consider this to be my soft opening to NANOWRIMO, because I’m sure as hell not going to get 2,000 words a day at this rate. This was written with references to Afrikaans in mind. And there’s a lot of portmanteaus in it. It’s got some good images, and I might turn this into a poem someday.

die Bionic herfs




Around rubied feathers lie
Ashes dusting thine
Branches with meager
Orange particle weavers

Blackened beak speaks
Alone in a wood
Echoing off of trunks
And crackling tree boughs

Ashes crisp with dew
Tumble down the branches
Dusting the leaves
With their passings

Cast to the forest bed
From the tall canopy
Of grey canvasing
And precise paintings

Where the snow and ash meet
Crunching under phoenix feet
Talons searching for things lost
By those whom are avanti



The crow touches a rosary to its forehead
Then tosses it to a gutter
Outside a church
As the crow is followed by followers

The dove sees this
And lingers behind
The line of avians
Who follow the crow

A jay watches this
From across the street
Dark eyes calculating
All the others’ moves

The revered establishment
Fades as the crow walks
The others still follow
To see what happens next

The followers on the sidewalk
Enrage and display
All the aggression
They feel for the crow

It doesn’t mind
The mob is loud
The sky is louder

The rosary didn’t grant the crow
It hides its feathers
Under thick black coats

The dove joins the mob
The crow casually flees
Looking for a sanctuary
Somewhere else

Then the dove is seen
Among the crowd
Eyes drawn and
A weapon in talon

The jay crosses the street
Running in front of everyone
It surges ahead
To walk with the crow

The dove grows in power
The other birds have a leader
They press their march
On the crow’s trodden path

Then the crowd burns the jay
And it is lost to the mob
The crow relents
And lets itself be taken

The dove takes a knife
To the crow’s covered back
Sheen of blood on
Layers of delicate feathers

It stands above the others
The heretic has been slain
They gather to trample and burn
The heathens on the sidewalk

The crow’s coat
Is lost in the fray
As ashes rise from
The two birds’ backs

In brilliance, the jay rises
Radiant fire burns
Up from the ashes, donning the coat
Is a jay reborn as the phoenix

It takes the crow in talons
And flies it away
Looking for a sanctuary
Somewhere else

Old World Red

Old World Red

Under your pitched tent
I roll out my bed

It’s just a pad under my head
But it’s my place to rest

The cloth’s aroma of old world reds
Brings to me a dispel of dread

And my pockets are filled
With ticket stubs and coins

My coveralls jingle
With memory of the thrill

Laying down
Asking why
We’re back to the old world

We set up camp away from town
We can see the lights far away

When we pack up once again
We reignite the thrill once more

Laying down
On a bed
Of old world reds

So many questions represented
When ticket stubs are presented

To punch into the festival
The theaters of live music

We walked for days
With the tent of old world reds

Lighting the bonfires for warmth
Cooking out every night

Setting down the things we needed
To rest for a moment

Passing lakes and camel trains
In the land of pure amusement

Sitting under statues in meadows
Of the ones who came before us

Looking at the zodiac light and
Listening to morning birds sing

Rolling out our beds
Pitching your tent
Of old world reds

Sun Stained

Sun Stained

She had a quintessence audience
Gliding silk smooth wave motions
Slow lapping, gentle rhythms
Hurting rain and hot earth steam

Waxing moons rising
Trail lines blurring
And the air is flowing
So smooth

The birds circled and flew
Overhead undercast
A goddess dove and prince crow
Circled and danced and revolved

It was cold in the stratosphere
But not for long
Sky intwined destiny
Is coming along

Sun stained soul wraiths
Floating by the riverbank
Had a nice time
Of the days

In that daze
Of the royal-bound stowaways
Who found the water
So clear

The wayward ghouls
Displayed lights and sounds
Near the water’s edge
So lovely and clean

With the spirit’s
Last parting festival
They wished the river
Still gleamed

And above the smoke
Of the spirit’s last carnival
Flew the birds who
Sang so sweet

Above that last
Bright, loud celebration
Flew a crow and a dove
In sync

The ghosts had to look
Up at the avians
Twirled in tune
To the songs

As the music of the carnival
Wore on through the night
The spirits’ gaze
Fixed on the birds

And the goddess among them
Who graced the happy wraiths
Sat on clouds above
Shining and bright

And the spirits with their souls
Looked above as it rained
On the sounds of an
Indolent day



Come on, crow
Let’s leave the dove

We have much to do
We must get acquainted

The other bird must dwell
In its own misery
She was growing
Tired of your calls, anyways

Let her have fits
Let her cry
Let the dove flap about
Over nothing to crow about

Let her regret
As we fly away
Let the dove think
Of what is lost
Oh, let her suffer
Let her lose feathers

And may we drift away
Into the sky
Let me take you away
Into the sky

You asked me for my hand
And I hid it away
You cried my name out loud
When you thought I was lost

My beak is made for yours
My plumage is what you yearn for

I am a phoenix
Let my ashen garb consume you

So come on, crow
Fly with me
Forget about the dove
Fly into the cloud sea

Birds In the Bay

Birds in the Bay

A crow and a jay
On the rocks by the bay
Never wanted to leave
The nest they had dreamed of

After both once bereaved
The jay would always sing
The crow always cry
Solace in a place once empty

The sound of their sound
Echoed off the waves
They lapped at the rocks
And the calls making music

The pain, they fought through it
Together they needed no one else
The sad song and beautiful lyrics
Mingled a tune understood by all

The jay and the crow called all day
Albums at a time, pitch perfect
The jay sang and sang and sang
The crow would cry softer each note

The waves would calm, the sun set
Sunset setting rays piercing the bay
The moon would rise, the air thin
The calls cease, waves grew louder

The crow and the jay would roost
A nest they built fit for two
Two little avians retract their wings
Each others feathers keeping warm

Quiet at once, the moon rising still
Soft cooing would contain
Sentiments once shared
No sound needed, no gift ungiven

The crow and the jay
Whom lived in the bay
Sang stories every day
Loving in their own way