Plastic regent With antennae inside To feel the world Around and what surrounds Seeing with an iris That opens and constricts Pupil dilates and closes And vision tightens Flying like a phantom A wraith hovering In its unnatural color A stark platinum mantle (Unalive but never dying With a tiny mind of its own) SummonedContinue reading “Monarch”

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Hawaiian Corvidae

Hawaiian Corvidae Hanging On a chain Around a neck Consider an early gifted Die cast sheen Swaying in the breeze Ages ancient ‘Alala cawed and Alala was prayed to Islands ago Volcanos yet To show These are the skulls Of dead Hawaiian crows

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Python Only vestiges of exposed places Looking and tracing silhouette Backs And inspecting from imaginings Something to focus on A scarecrow’s Angles to look at To frighten scavengers away Cloth flapping Calmly and contently In a chilling Daytime wind What is imaged can never Live up to Things separated From surreality Air force sweeping MurdersContinue reading “Python”

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