There was Anthem Always that Hipsterish Coffeehouse Isn’t ever Good enough By itself By itself Sunrise ’till set Black and white Mocha taste Competent Barista right Beside me In my bed This morning The sweetest face Bitter taste Of coffee In morning A touch and kiss Handholding Adventure In traffic General Tso’s At the RoseContinue reading “Mornings”

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Anthem Scent of pop radio music An odor of warmth A glazed façade Behind display cases Steam of milk Behind a hardwood bar And a shelf of machines For coffee making There’s bar taps and Bottles of syrup For dosing sunrise To any neon highs Booths under posters Counters facing windows Tumblers filled with SpecialContinue reading “Anthem”

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Surreal Rendezvous

Surreal Rendezvous Plants poke from precipitating mud Overlooking the rocky glass plain Miles away From any street main Blow it up in torrential cascades Flow the grit and synthetic grains Caught up in mint wind No destination not at whim Bitter small chunks swirl in lumps Crunching against the paint Tearing it away from theContinue reading “Surreal Rendezvous”

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