Ignorant daemons
Failing to
Reap the threats
They’ve sown,
Because to me
All they’ve shown

Is that they’re cowardly.

I see a black door
And it
Doesn’t stand a chance.
No abtraction binding me
To such fearful nightmares.

I’ll punish plagues of plagiarists
Wherever they might be known.
No time for half measures
I’ll end them on my own.

Spraying plasmas
Across dimensions and
Finding endless wells
Of deaths to knell
In every specter’s personal

Some revenants afraid
Of finding finality
After walking this world
For so long,
They’ve forgotten
Of feeble fragility.

Be of flesh and blood
Or ethereal mesh and muds,
I alone will sunder their
Silhouettes from spirits.

I sense the dooms
Of the dead.
Shapeless or not,
Wraiths will be killed and then they will

Jungle of Hell

Start running
Door’s open we’re coming

We will set
Fire to the fire ones
Build bridges of victory
On the backs of skeletons

We will fall
Towers long
To land on top of
Your barons of hell

Doors open in ambush
And our answer
Is to uppercut
Some fuckin’ heads off

In the dimension of torture
And pain and depraved
Punishments for the wicked
We’re here by our volition

Jaws of imps fly
We’re ripping arms off
To beat their owners
To death with them

We don’t rest
Know no restraint
Shot shells in belts
Is all we need

Both barrels
At once
Every time

We will chainsaw you in half
We don’t mess
But with mess in your death

In your home
Splattering bullets
And buckshot in your
Flesh and our metal

Send your soldiers
And possessed
We’re the best

We will pull your spine
From your chest

Beat you with a wrench
Break your horns and
Slit your throat
With their ends

We don’t stop
No going away

You devils don’t expect
In stygian pits
To be what’s fun

For us

We’ve got machine guns
That fire rockets
And gauss rifles
In our pockets

Can fit a fist
To your socket
When it goes through
Your last wish

In the back of your mind
Is where our fingers reach
To rip and tear at what’s there
What’s fear? We’re fear

That we can’t be stopped
We’ll run amok
Damn right and I am right
Knee deep in the dead
And your head is next

Silencing banshee screams
With kinetic energy

Our divisions in the visions
Of breaking your body
With the speed and fury
Of the reckoning we bring

Where the last look
You’ll ever give
Is gonna be at us
As your teeth go missing

And your buddies burn up
In fission ammunition
Terror on your face
As we really hit it off

And then
We just keep

Kill us
If you can

We don’t speak
We communicate
In the corpses
Of demons we leave

“Fuck out of here”


I am immortal

Not because I can’t suffer

But because I am not

Of the beyondest pale

My road to

For when I do finally

I intend to break the

Of the reaper himself

I am immortal

Not because I cannot
Be slain

But because I am
A muderer of murder

An apocalypse

Because I welcome
The inevitable

Sight into doom

Where my aggression
Must rise

And adrenaline flow

Welcome to the
Final mystery

Yet when I get there
And solve it

It won’t be as polite
Of a throe

Dance of the Doom Dirge

It’s a scary shadow
Walking determinedly
Down a dark hallway

With dim backlights

His terrifying mind
Gears are visibly
Twisting, thinking

Gears are churning
Through the black
Slag of his intent

In his skull

This horrifyingly
Capable man

Black clad

Every heavy step
On the ground

Makes it kneel
As he passes

Stone hot drive
Of a thirsty presence
Treated as a

Dark prince

The seems to reveal itself
As his minion

As he dirges
Through the halls

Beat of steps
Like he’ll steal
Your soul

And a monstrous
Presence as a
Chill on the air

As you see
Him near

Let yourself
Be struck
By fear

As you hear

His feet dance
Dance of the
Doom Dirge

That One Guy

That One Guy

Pussy willow.
And so what if it’s meant sexually?
Sorry if that offends you,
If you can’t handle normality.

Noun: a small domesticated cat.
Noun: derogatory for vaginal flaps.
Noun: a small shrub or bush.
Noun: a machine for cleaning cloth.

Actually, no apologies.
I’m rather not.
Don’t care at all
If I offend your lot.

Pussy willow
Doesn’t mean anything sexual.
Thinking it does
Is your fault.

So I’m shameless.
So I’m a dreg.
So I don’t care.
So I’m a fag,

Or so I’ve been called
And learned to shove off.
I don’t give a shit,
I’ve told them all the fuck off.

Funny they don’t believe me
As I jeer at their faces.
Doesn’t bother me at all,
They don’t deserve my good graces.

How can I possibly be
The loudest, most vocal,
Diabolical, god damned
Indifferent person you’ve all seen?

I’m not infamous,
Nor am I deviant,
And it seems like I’m somehow
“That one guy” to everyone.

From knee-high boots
To wearing sunglasses indoors,
What the fuck else do I have
To show for myself?

I would call myself friends with
So many, but I don’t lie
And when’s the last time they asked
For my shoulder to cry on?

Why am I so well known?
Just because I am the one
Who finds it in them
To tell any hard truth?

Is it funny, motherfuckers,
Have you had quite enough?
Taking some time for a
Formally-worded rebuff?

It has to be a spectacle
When I get loud and shouty, and
It has to be some staged bullshit
When I get uninterruptable.

I can’t remember how many
Times I’ve been asked if I was high.
And every cocking time I have
To viciously glare and ask “Why?”

Is it impossible for me,
Just another human being,
To simply be happy to be here
And be amused by all life?

I can’t laugh at your impediments,
Or obvious jokeable detriments?
Seriously, don’t be a little bitch.
We all want to laugh, don’t have a fit.

Jesus Christ, everyone takes things
Too seriously. No one can
Take a joke anymore, and if they
Do it’s not in the right way.

These hypersensitive pricks
Squirm in their seats.
God, you’re all so grey to me.
Just get up and leave,

If you’re so uncomfortable.
But if you didn’t give a shit
To begin with,
You wouldn’t still be listening.

So I posit to you all again
Who are still here,
To come and have
A laugh with me.

Just let loose, god dammit,
Let loose you hypersensitive pricks!
Quit thinking so much!
Stand up, cause I want to hear

You miserable people
Grow thick skin
You sons of bitches, get loud
And expose your grins.

Whatever they may be
Let your voice be seen,
And don’t allow me
To represent your scene.

Find your spines
Rolling around the barrios,
Stick those right back in
And take to the will at your whim.

But first, you shout those first two
Humorously fucked up words.
You miserable people, come on, now.
Be happy for once
And shout those funny fucking words
Pussy willow!