Natural is a story I’ve written based off of impactful experiences and phantasms of life I’ve been able to be a part of. It took roughly a year to write. I’ve written poetry, stories, but never something like this. Natural is a monster of a piece layered with symbolism, surreality, and earnest romance. I designed every piece of it, down to the cover art. It means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy it.

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Reviewed by Lars Kadel: “I honestly don’t know where to start. Let’s begin with the protagonist, Max. What I really enjoy about the him is how “natural” his voice comes through. Shaw seamlessly wrote Max into a convincing individual. His thought process was had a distinct flow and tone. It makes not only for good reading, but also allows for a concise understanding of Max. Plus, the extension makes it a kind of literary threesome. (No homo.) The second thing I love about the narrator is, despite his confusion and foggy mindedness, there is a decided clarity to his thoughts. He doesn’t give anything more than he’s telling, which really forces me to be slow down. To look and listen and feel. And then you meet Eleanor. The enigmatic experience. Throughout the story I got this sense that she was leading both sides. Distressful and soothing, melancholic and cheery. It was as though she was a reflection of the moment, but it was abundantly clear that you really didn’t know her. Eleanor is definitely something else. The stories plot in and of itself twists and turns, feeling like a long journey in someone else’s dream. Stark, disconcerting, and intoxicating. I definitely recommend reading it. Also, there’s a tuxedo man. He sings as shrilly as his instrument.”

Reviewed by Heirold T. Davis: “I really liked when he used words to describe the things that were happening in the story.”
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