Deneb Mythos


  • Deneb Mythos #1: The Courier

    What would you do as a young boy in the bustling city of Hertkur? So much temptation to join the military… become a shopkeep… or any normal stable thing all the other boys seemed to drift towards. No, this young boy has much loftier goals. Step into the shoes of one of the most dangerous occupations in the Deneb Kingdom during the 4th era. This young boy is a smuggler in the strangest of times.

    Click below to read the first story in the Deneb Mythos.

    Deneb Mythos #1: The Courier

  • Deneb Mythos #2: Satellites of the Old Lords

    In the 1st era, the countries of Esther, Quincy, and Dominicus all set out to stake a claim to the land found down the Aaugyst River. The three colonies that formed all came from those countries who feuded often in the north. This is the story of Jack Hykrel and a group of fighters who defended Little Quincy from an attack by the natives who lived there. What would it mean for the future of their claim?

    Click below to read the second story in the Deneb Mythos.

    Deneb Mythos #2: Satellites of the Old Lords

  • Deneb Mythos #3: The Exodus

    When the old king Breeg went missing, his right-hand man took control. Breeg’s son and true heir to the throne, Elzri, was much too young to rule a thriving kingdom in the desert. Why, commanding such a place would surely be impossible for anyone to do after Breeg disappeared. And it was. This is what happens when a government abandons its people. Yet one question remains. Where would an entire government go after abandoning that which it governed?

    Click below to read the third saga in the Deneb Mythos.

    Deneb Mythos #3: The Exodus

  • Deneb Mythos #4: Captain Scarlett and her Sojurns 1 – The Three Way Deal

    Today isn’t a great day for her crew, but it can get better. Explore some of the lower reaches of the Kxzzyxin Sea during the 4th Era under the flag of a modest trading vessel. Agreements can yet be reached when a shipment is stolen.

    See the first step in Scarlett Nazareth’s journeys across what is known of the sea in this first story of her saga.

    Deneb Mythos #4: Captain Scarlett and her Sojurns 1 – The Three Way Deal

  • Deneb Mythos #5: Den of the Nogyave 1 – Heart of Sand

    Dominic is a scholar in the 2nd era of the desert cities, charged with investigating the surrounding lowlands for evidence of the nomads. Now that Deneb was in an age where it could prosper, there was nothing stopping the king’s continued accumulation of knowledge. Truly a heart of golden sand waited for those who went looking.

    DM5: DotN1-HoS




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