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Welcome to Radio Reality City!

My name is Jake Thomas Shaw, and my aim is to express and be heard by the likes of you! I’m a writer and a photographer, and on this site I post poetry, short stories, essays, photographs, drawings, PDFs of printable delights, and all kinds of stuff!

My hope is that you’ve scanned this code and have decided to take a look around at an old artist’s work! That being said, let’s draw the curtain so I may let you in! :D

Home: This link will take you to the homepage. There you can find a live feed with things updated on the daily by yours truly. Everything will show up there.

A Random Post: Jump straight in with abandon! This link will take you to an entirely random piece of content on the site.

“Natural” on Amazon: Buy my story “Natural” on amazon.com!

Photographer Two: As of writing, my most popular poem on the site.

Images: Like some pictures with your reading? This page is for you.

About/Contact: If you need some more information to get you going, or you with to get ahold of me for something-or-rather, hit up the about page.

I hope that you enjoy any of my art, in the end. I make and share with the thought that someone else out there might feel the same way about something. So if you don’t, that’s totally okay. But I hope you find some kind of value in all of this.

Alright, I think that’s enough of a prep, you have to go find out on your own, now. Go on! Go on and enjoy!


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