Get your guns
Board up your homes

Contact your loved ones
And sit down together

A revolution’s coming
And will burn the world

Conceal carry until the call
Of the revolution on your phone

We’ll become preppers
Until the bunker is needed

Ignore the protestors
Until they’re at the gate

Don’t vote in the election
Or put money in the bank

Drive only when you need to
Or get a tank

Get a gas mask
And spare intakes

Hoard as much medication
As your shelves can store

You’ll need painkillers
When there’s open war

Buy all the rations you can now
Fill every container of gas around

Keep boxes of ammunition
Close at hand

And binoculars in your window
To survey the land

Dig a well in the backyard
And top your fence with barbed wire

Park your cars in the garage
And throw your trash in a fire

Because a revolution is coming
And you don’t want to be
Stuck in the middle
Caught in the burning pyre

Because a revolution’s coming
And you don’t want to be lost

Because a revolution’s coming
And you want to come out

On top

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