I am an angel.

I have seen countless

Clashes with
Of mighty generals
And savage soldiers

In crusades,
And world conquering

In invasions of spears
And wars of gunfire

My wings have been
Sheared off by swords,
My halo split apart
And shattered on
Battlefields aflame
By napalm spat out
By hell’s hordes.

My armor has been clawed at
And dented but never broken,
In the mist and fire of
Facing down those possessed
And those unwilling to do
Their devil’s due.

So then let it be me,
A veteran,
To charge wielding wrath
And waving my flag of
No country
To stave the infection
Of the hungry.

For those cracking rifts
And gates to oblivion
On our fair world
Acting on a promised urge,

Let it be I who stands ready
To cure you and purge.

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