He’s right
Behind you

Keep sprinting
Jump over those tree roots

Push through the grime
Don’t fall and keep fighting

He’s got machete in hand
And he stalks you slowly

Break through the woods
Meet the ground with your foot

One after another
He slashes and stabs closer

Run run run
If you stop he will come

See his mask
Among trees

Darkness blinds you
And yet you must run

Try and dodge the rocks
And jump over boulders

Tomorrow’s not another day
As long as you don’t know the way

Run run run
If you stop he will come

Sinister trickster
Blood on his blade

Moon hangs low
Your world is cold

Stars are the only light
That reaches the branches

Won’t stop don’t stop
He’ll catch you and kill you

Your insides will mix
With those of your friends

Don’t turn back
If you stop you will die

But he’ll always
Grab you

You’ll trip
You’ll fall

Choked and murdered
Didn’t even use his

To be left to be found

By another runner
Who will be horrified

To come across your corpse
Before they are slain

Face frozen in terror

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