Sneaking out
Driving out
What we have
We can’t live without


Making memories

Kissing you
After a long drag
Of your cigarette
Flavored nostalgia

I could feel
Smoke rushing
Between lips
Like a

Chemical cloud
Between us

A wonderful
Rough kiss
With lethal

Corrupting my skin
Collapsing my lungs
Staining my mouth
And venting through teeth

Lips so hot
Our sweat starts to steam
In the day, in the place
That shouldn’t be
And never was

And never was
Raining down

Not at the beach
Not at the clean sea
No casual trail
No corroded bridge

Nothing I see
Should be

This whole thing:
An anomaly

Your hair
Your body
City talking
Dirty to me
And how can I

Walk away
From this day
When it
Still wants me

Fingernails gently carving
Up my back
And being ran
Through my hair

Even as the incense
Of your love
Sticks to me
While I drive away

Even as
There are promises
For the impossible future
To take place

We continue
No expectations needed
Just you and me

Days and places
That shouldn’t be

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