Self Destruct

I would probably
Self destruct

If you weren’t around

You save me from myself
When I think for myself

And you’re the one
Who comes up from
Behind the wall
To see what trouble
I’ve gotten into

And you untangle me
From my mess
Assist and wait for me
To be in distress


You make me feel
Like there’s nothing wrong
Even when I suck
At singing songs

I feel like
You redefine natural
And make it so there’s
Nothing to fear

I just need you here
When it hurts too much
I can’t think enough
To save myself

But it doesn’t matter
What the situation is
As long as it’s us
Sharing a kiss

Because I’d probably
Self destruct
Without you

And I’d be looking
All over
Just to

Find out where you’d gone
And to see for just how long
Because I know at the end
I wouldn’t have to miss you

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