At the end of the halls
Vast of doors and knobs
Some guilded, some not
Each one in a different spot

You visit everything
See people you love
And the places you’ve been
Full of memory

Those “good times”
On polaroids
You said you would
Never forget

Grilling in the summer
Dressed for winter weather
With the girl you were
Dating at the time

And her smile

These things are tortuous
As you relive funerals
And see all the times
You were let down

Are you happy now
Or did you still want to visit
Another place you know
You probably shouldn’t?

This was your reality
This is your reality
This is a force
You cannot flee

This is you

The good
The bad
The awful
And the most amazing

No grass is ever deader
Than the one who
Still waters their lawn
Long after green is gone

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