Invisible Man

I trust there’s a plan

I trust I’m awake at three

Wondering if I’m
The only one
Who finds myself
Thinking these things

I trust there’s a plan
That there’s a place
To eventually land

And that I’m not just slugging
My way
Through a crowd of
The ugly and depraved

With their hoods on
And faces drawn

So I can’t recognize them

Every hit that lands
Every flail of my hands
Breaks bone but fails
To breach a brand
Of idea

Every fist I throw
Into a skull
Or nose
Or chest

Is met with nothing
But staggaring

As the attacked
Gets up
Brushes off
And rejoins the crowd

Even in violence
I won’t inspire

I trust there’s a plan

I hope that there’s
A beautiful place
My waning hurt

Once the crowd disperses

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