Kisses at 3 in the morning
Chinese food and
24/7 coffee stops

Lost in another forest
Of a greyed out city
Filling in on the map

River roads running
Through the mouths
Of nearby bay fronts

While we reconnect
And see what ships
To sea

Old high school friend,
Where have you been?

Who knew holding your hand
Would feel so good?

As we step on the broken
Roads of North Tacoma
After being on the shore

Of points and ways
On the south Puget Sound
I can see from here

Federal Way
Far out in the distance
Like you could never

Touch it

Just like this place
On the map was once
Another thing that
Was just grey to me

Cruising down to Ruston
Like we know
Like we know what
We’re doing

And the aftertaste
From getting home
And waking up
In the morning

Would be something
That sticks around
For a while


Smog of a grey city
North Tacoma
At 3 a.m.
With no curfew

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