Doesn’t matter

Make every move cold
And calculated
To the last number

We’re gathering strength
In the opposition

We’re defying expectations
With our
Master strategy

Or so it would seem

Where we might find
The vulnerabilities

Troops on every border
We’ve withdrawn
Our ambassadors

And diplomats

Put up all our sanctions
And declared war

Without a congress

Every action has
A thousand and three

And we have operations
Contracts with blackwater

And we’ve taxed our citizens
To death
For certain

As every ounce of anything
Will be needed to prepare
For the reckoning

We’ve declared war
But we won’t be sure
What that means until
We’re halfway through

When our factories are at
Max capacity

And our economy is
Back to booming

Bonds, bucks, bullets
A trinity of what we need
To sustain the fuel
For infantry

We’re at war

What that might mean
We aren’t yet sure

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