Pure Inhuman Energy Advance

I can’t stop shaking my leg
Or jamming to the music

One 20 ounce Red Bull drained
Dragonforce is playing
Operation Ground and Pound
On loop

It’s really difficult to
Feel bad

When I’m doing things that
I enjoy so much

The Red Bull helps my leg
Shake in tune to the
Insanely fast music
Like I’m part of the song

And work’s getting done

It’s not a crime to be
Taken over by the force

Of intruding high energy
Party goers invading

My blood stream
Like an ethnic war

They’re the coolest
And fun to be around

They could help me
Move mountains

And drink rivers

My body becomes a fiery
Fierce little party

All by itself
Generating nothing but

Pure and absolute
Positivity and thoughts

Riding on a high tide
In happily chaotic seas

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