Easy Meat

It’s right there
On the table
Behind you

So succulent
And so well done

Could just turn around
And take it off
Its silver platter

It looks so good
And you’re so hungry

Temptation hasn’t felt
A burn like this before
For you to yearn this bad

It would hurt
To reach for it

But you feel like you’re
Already dying in a desert

You could do it, take
The lure and get ensnared
And move on with it

No longer hungry

Or still you could hunger
Or thirst for even rarer
Or ever-present meats

It’s so rude to think

Like it’d be so simple
When you’re just hungry

Could you stop yourself?

Not unfulfilling

Even if it’s burned
Or spiced strangely

Rare and well done

Everything I’m
Looking for to
Satisfy my
Shorter term

It’s right there
Easy meat right behind you


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