They Dwell

They Dwell

Sweet and sharply fir


A forest in a needle

Pulp and timber
Sappy bark lumber

Branches climbing upwards
Towards sunlight
New growth

As embers light
Like flakey flint

Smoked in pipes
Outside of tipis
Around bonfires
Under midnight

Communing with the
Of nightmares
And dreams

And faint distant

In ritual rites
A ceremony

They dwell in the trees
And the water

They snow on the leaves
And blanket the walkers

These augurs who wander
The land and roam the
Plains of ancestor remains
In silent snowflake fall

These homesteads
They make
And the things of
Value they take

From the past
And look up
To the clouds
To the future

In these rituals
And fireside spells
In plumbed night
And day wells

These occult
Thoughts in which
They dwell

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