You’re pretty pretty
I can’t tell you enough
How much water should envy
The contours of your body

And the way your hair looks
Biblonde and damp
After a shower
Meaning seeing naturally

How much I miss that
I do miss you so much
The wonderful feeling
Of having you to touch

I feel like I’ve missed you
For so long
Even while
You’re here

I’m like the water
And envy how
You are

You can be beautiful
In any outfit
Trendsetter in
Grey sweaters

Appear anyplace
In my mind

Any time
Is fine to see your face
And think
How gorgeous you are

It’s the soul of my mind’s eye
Missing you is the scar tissue
Left where the eye used to be
Thinking of you, cosmic beauty

Some kind of envy
That you’re somewhere
Where the water and I aren’t
Able to appear

To admire
To heal the missing eye
In my mind
Always thinking of you

Always missing you
A scar to sear
When I can be seen
By Lovecraftian

Cosmic beauty

To awestrike when you’re here
And to be envied when you’re gone

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