Metro 2027

Cobalt salt
Probably wasn’t
Your fault

“Fallout” callout
Yeah, we know

Our world’s done for
As far as it shows

Tsar bomba?
Atomic weapons?
Kinetic bombardment?

We went

Cobalt salt
Not your fault
You didn’t have the button
To take out frustration

They didn’t wait
To split atoms
As a deterrent

We’re all gonna die

Crawl up and cry
‘Cause the cobalt salts
Already fly

In the shell of fusion warheads
So complex
Don’t detest
Go as DEFCON has led

To number one
To midnight

Threat level imminent
Rockets in our skies

Cobalt salts
Weren’t my fault either
I don’t make decisions
For disarmaments

To limit our armories
And shell out hope for peace

Cobalt salts weren’t my fault
But it doesn’t matter now that
There are chemtrail clouds

Shockwaves and heat blasts

I’m talking UV-c
Could you please

Duck and cover?

It’s like the clouds have gone
Now we’re frowned upon
By furious missiles
Yelling by

Call your mother
And your loved ones
Maybe you’ll have the time

To say your last goodbyes

Cobalt salts
Weren’t really our fault

But we let it all happen
No disarmament
To compliment
Any of our peace talks

Cobalt salts
Atomic bombs
Fallout from nuclear

Blast waves so beautiful
Radiation so shining
With no sun screen
Left to keep us all
From dying

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