Orange dress and a red apple
Navy blazer and emerald glasses
Ivory pants and a velvet throne
As he held her, she bit the apple

The sun has shone
A cathedral background
Her head thrown back
His fixated forward

She was sat on his lap
He was sat on the throne
His emerald lenses conveying
Solemn emotions and tones

The apple’s flesh perspiring
Her laughter admirable
But he was stoic
And bracing her gently

Her arm tucked around his neck
Resting on his shoulders
Her other lifting the apple
Knees dangling off of his

Strong jaw and sharp lines
Eyes hidden behind
Suspicious green lenses
Gazed out at space and time

Soft face and warm lips
Exposing laughter
Exposing a wish
Never certain; ambiguous

Velvet throne, set in wood
Sturdy and creaking, as it should
Heavy with memory and thought
Philisophe, the man was not

Gaze upon the land he does
Spectacles reflecting spectacles
She pays no mind to his mind
Only to her mind and his eyes

Her orange dress and a red apple
His navy blazer and emerald glasses
His ivory pants sat on a velvet throne
As he held her, she bit the apple

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