Star Seared


It’s a crescendo of teardrops
Your body beating
Veins and arteries intently flowing
Pulsating and writhing

Eyes begin to glow as clouds part
Searing white as stars they shine
Skull screams and bones creak
Bearing the power of new evolution

Tears burst into fire
Puddles at your feet turn to oil
Borne again, fire with tears
Sadness making the air boil

Comfortable chaos in a time of cold
Maw contorting into laughter
From star-shining eyes come smoke
Scorching with heat of fine instability

Veins seeping through skin
Fury and fire spread within blood
Glow with anger your body does
Psychopathic sadicity in laughter

This new energy takes you to knees
Jaw opens up, spewing forth ashes
Laughing in death, choking on death
Echoing laughter at mocking lights

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