Visiting Venus

Visiting Venus

If I could show you Venus
I’d ask you to
step aboard my ship

If I could have a picnic
With you there
I’d take your hand and lead us

I discovered this place
So long ago now
Before I met you

It’s not changed since
I’ve found it

And when we
Touch down
Upon the rocks now

You’ll see
The beauty that coasts out

In pink skies and
orange clouds,
Under a rain we found

We’ll find shelter to
Eat here

The sun is
So much
Closer than it once was

But don’t let
The heat get
To you

Oh, this place I’ve wandered
For years
The shores of time and
Canyon reprises I’ve witnessed

Are dull without someone to
Share it

We can have lunch out
On my ship
And look out on the planet

We can make fun of a
Pale Earth

If I could show you Venus
I’d let it keep us
I’d cast
My ship

If I could, with you
Visit this place
I’ll show you what I’ve seen

You’d be in so much

It’d be hard to ever look

If I could show you Venus
I’d moor my ship at the
Bay of Mons

If I could show you Venus
You’d never want to
Ever return

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