Binary Synapses

Binary Synapses

Yield to the soul
Your heart is mine
Cracks appear
You’re not so bold

We believe we are impervious
Disdained to find us too human
We need to find it in us the strength
To grasp the other’s hand

Where was the gravity lost
On the trail we walked upon
When the feeling was almost gone
We took different paths to walk along

Yield to the soul

Care for us all

It’s us, screaming in your ear
To let us loose to tame your fear
Disband us and disperse us
I’m afraid we have a thirst for this

To be the ones to kill your curse
And anything that has ever hurt
For you, we will to do anything
Anything to make known your worth

Care for us
We see
We hear

We know the things you want
Of your fears, we desire to hunt

Care for us, my dear

We’re here to do our due
We’re here to care for you

This isn’t a riddle
Of which to mull

Your nerves are cold
Your senses are old

Resurrect the stones


Yield to the soul

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