Come on, crow
Let’s leave the dove

We have much to do
We must get acquainted

The other bird must dwell
In its own misery
She was growing
Tired of your calls, anyways

Let her have fits
Let her cry
Let the dove flap about
Over nothing to crow about

Let her regret
As we fly away
Let the dove think
Of what is lost
Oh, let her suffer
Let her lose feathers

And may we drift away
Into the sky
Let me take you away
Into the sky

You asked me for my hand
And I hid it away
You cried my name out loud
When you thought I was lost

My beak is made for yours
My plumage is what you yearn for

I am a phoenix
Let my ashen garb consume you

So come on, crow
Fly with me
Forget about the dove
Fly into the cloud sea

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