Held Hostage

Held Hostage

It was so hostile
The way I was treated
How you touched me
Striking more than seducing

On a prickly bed of tension
You laid upon me
And blamed how I gave
No resistance

You held me hostage
At knifepoint with your lips
You confused me, moved me
All encircling you used me

You adopted another persona
Sociopathic tears in the truth
Using the sinister costume
You cast me under the folds

I could feel a heartbeat in your lips
Pulse pounding in your fingertips
An incursion of attraction
The entrancement of entrapment

As light as could perceive
With whispers you weave
And bites sinking into
Weak, unbreaking skin

At last, you relented
But still you spoke
Lies unbroken
Of how

You let
Me be
By you

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