Terminal Girl

Terminal Girl

Your heart would stop
Blood wouldn’t pump
Your eyes would shut
And you would fall

Sleeping in a field
That you walked through
During the day on your way
Back from a hated school

In your sleep
Blood runs to your short hair
Tinging it red
Making your body brighten white

Lips would turn pink
Your lungs breathe deep
In your sleep
Day turns to dusk

No one disturbs your present rest
As bubbles form in your arteries
Your heart pops and lungs stop
Breath escapes your pink lips

No one notices
As you fade into the grass
Shadows cross your face
And the setting sun stops to look

It smells like memories
As the fall of life takes you
No more we can make of these
As tears from the future fall

It’s okay

No more singing
No more struggling
It’s time to let me go
Please, don’t make this harder

Please, darling
I love you


It’s okay

You gave me a key
That would bypass tumblers
Crested with a breaking heart
And now it has broken my heart

I survive in shatters
Touching the key
Is all that matters
And my only regret was losing you

I will remember you
The one who let me see
The one who gave me the key
The one who set me free

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