Always-on Sabbath

Always-on Sabbath

In a place far below us
In the shadow of itself

A chapel was hosting sermons
A single one with differing versions

Each verse had the same meaning
Each monk was somehow bleeding

For a goddess above the caverns
A place attendees didn’t traverse

No prayers were granted
And no signs were presented

That the false goddess did exist
Or that any of this made sense

Yet every black day they congregate
Here at the Shrine of Intoxicate

Ministers married in her name
Without glory and without fame

They droned on every black day
In a prison of promise and pain

The cavern was painted with effigies
Which all the people could recognize

But the statues here in the sub-city
Were for a goddess who lacked pity

The people abstained anyways
Resisted temptation, and crusaded

The symbols scratched on wood
Made people think she could

Lift them up from underground, but
There in the cave still rests the town

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