Red Men

Walking through streets
Of people strolling
In the grey among
The red that marks pain

The red that tinges
Others and calls attention
To their struggle
Or “unique” experiences

Red when you bleed
Under the hand of abuse
Or red when the bruises
On your mind resurface

Everyone bleeds from grey
But the redder the better
And the better the deader
Striving to be what we all

Wish to be

A deathwish of envy
For those bleeding more
Experiencing more
Than us who are grey

But who’s to say your grey
Isn’t bloody in some way
To someone else you walk
Beside and don’t notice

Because they hide their pain

Red being the sum
Of a person’s afflictions
And not their inflictions
Upon others

That they may not know of

Walking next to bloody greys
Aliens to your worst days
And we judge from what
We know

We know that you look grey

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